I can’t say I was surprised to hear that Juno shut down recently. They offered a lot to drivers and really seemed to do their research, but ultimately it wasn’t meant to be. Today I’ll be talking about Juno as a case study – what happened, what went wrong, and what we can get out of this whole process.

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    • Today I’ll be chatting with Alison Griswold of Quartz on Juno
    • Covering the sharing economy for as long as I’ve been around!
    • Thanks to George Grama – interviewed him before
    • He white-labels rideshare apps – if you’re interested in starting your own rideshare company, reach out to me: harry [at] and I can put you in touch with him!

    Intro to Alison Griswold

    • Alison Griswold of Quartz, covers the sharing economy
    • Runs a newsletter on the sharing economy called Oversharing
    • Typically used Via in NYC (but usually uses public transit!)

    Juno – The Beginning

    • Became aware of them in 2016
    • Started in beta mode – much lower commission than Uber and offered a higher wage
    • Subsidized on rider side
    • Skeptical early on of their chances – how long could this all last?

    Were Drivers Happy with Juno?

    • Overall, they were!
    • RSUs, no shared rides, better pay for drivers
    • Drivers felt they were getting a share of the company

    Where Did it All Go Wrong?

    • Did it really go wrong? It all went right – for Juno
    • Juno owner had a pattern of identifying market opportunities, creating a competitor in the space, and then turning it over for a profit
    • Juno sold to Gett in 2017 – deal reported around $2M
    • Drivers lost their stock options

    Takeaways from Juno’s Exit

    • Initial branding is very important
    • Uber and Lyft copied a lot of the features Juno had
    • Can a driver-friendly company really unseat Uber/Lyft?
    • Yes! Barriers to entry are not high


    • Appreciate Ali sharing her expertise as a reporter – she’s doing important work!
    • If you have questions about Juno, reach out!
    • And if you want to start a rideshare company, contact me: harry [at]

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    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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