It’s no surprise Uber’s business has pivoted away from rideshare and more into delivery this year – the demand is there, and Uber already had a business to support it. In this episode, I’m talking to the Senior Director of Product for Uber Eats, Daniel Danker, about the Eats business and the future of delivery.

    I spoke to Daniel at the Curbivore conference, which turned out really well! You can access the videos from the conference at the links below – a lot of great conversations there about delivery, the curb, profitability in the food delivery space and more.

    Intro to Daniel Danker

    • Previously worked on the driver side for Uber
    • Drivers are very important, especially for delivery
    • No one could have predicted such a swing from rideshare to delivery
    • Needed to move quickly to help businesses get on the Uber Eats platform

    Biggest Challenges with Pivot to Uber Eats

    • Easy to onboard drivers – it’s just the click of a button
    • Challenge of onboarding restaurants
    • Most restaurants didn’t have a large team to create websites, mobile menus
    • Uber Eats created a platform for these restaurants to use

    Restaurant Fees + Uber Eats

    • Fewer fees when restaurants have pick up options/no delivery required
    • Difference between rides and Eats: there are 3 parties
    • Consumer, and 2 earners: delivery person and the restaurant
    • Fees are designed to make local commerce more successful

    Helping Restaurants Connect to Consumers

    • Online ordering has been key
    • Welcoming newcomers (new customers) and recognizing returning customers
    • Providing data to businesses/restaurants
    • Ability for restaurants to contact customers

    Customer Service Challenges

    • Need for Uber Eats to manage complexity and be more intuitive
    • Trying to automatically fix issues before the customer flags an issue
    • Encourage customers to flag issues in app – no need for customer service interaction
    • When customers do reach out, though, the experience could be better

    Evolution of Food Delivery

    • Continually trying to make it all more efficient – Uber Eats delivery can now bring you food from multiple restaurants
    • Post COVID? There will be a correction, but people have gotten used to food delivery. Won’t go away
    • Grocery delivery – high frequency, even more than food delivery
    • Another opportunity for customers, Uber


    • Thanks to Daniel for coming on the podcast and the conference!
    • My first conference I’ve ever put on virtually – had a great team and it went well!
    • Make sure to check out all the interviews and panels below
    • Excited for the intersection of food delivery, AVs, and rideshare

    Show Notes

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