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    I talk to a lot of people who are interested in starting their own companies: rideshare, shared fleets, scooters and more. One thing they’re always surprised by? The enormous cost of insurance. In this episode, I talk to Ed Walker about the impact of insurance costs on fleet owners, how telematics can help, and more. 


    Shout out to another mobility podcast – The Movement Podcast, hosted by Josh Cohen. I’ve been on the podcast before and am a huge fan. I enjoy the topics he delves into, including equitable access, sustainable cities, and more. If you want a podcast that delves into the hard problems mobility is trying to solve, you’ll want to give The Movement Podcast a download and listen!

    Intro to Ed Walker

    • Second time on the podcast!
    • Vice President at USI Insurance Services
    • Goal is to ease the burden of insurance on mobility operators
    • He is THE guy to talk to about all things shared insurance!

    Fleets + Insurance Costs

    • The more vehicles a fleet owner has, the more important it is to get away from the a la carte model
    • Traditional insurance carriers have a lot of barriers
    • Working with USI, there’s a greater ability to get those prices down

    Most Expensive Part of Being a Fleet Owner

    • Premiums – the total cost of risk
    • Lack of control really drives up the price
    • Drivers are not employees – leads to unpredictability

    Telematics + Fleet Ownership

    • Telematics – shows where vehicles are, how they’re driving, etc.
    • The best companies have a dashboard that tracks this info
    • Argyle is doing a better job than most in identifying rideshare periods

    Future of Telematics + Insurance

    • A lot of carriers will provide what seems to be cost-competitive quotes, but there are redundancies
    • Those costs add up
    • There are ways to drivers to prevent accidents – telematics can help


    • Thanks to Ed for coming on the show and sharing his opinion on the fleet space!
    • I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about fleet ownership and wanted to address the cost factors – Ed helped break it down for us!

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

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