RSG168: Fighting Unfair Deactivations with LegalRideshare

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Could you imagine waking up one day, getting ready to go to work only to log on and find out you’ve been fired? Worst of all, there’s no reason – no poor performance review, no incidents – nothing! That’s what it’s like for some rideshare drivers who are unfairly deactivated, but now there’s a law firm that will help drivers fight these deactivations. In this episode, I talk to Bryant Greening of LegalRideshare about what’s going on, the service LegalRideshare provides, and my own tips for drivers to avoid these deactivations.

Intro to Bryant Greening

  • Attorney and co-founder of LegalRideshare
  • LegalRideshare represents rideshare drivers and delivery workers in car accident and injury claims
  • Also represents drivers who have been unfairly deactivated
  • Mainly handles: accidents, deactivations, safety

What’s Going on with Driver Deactivations?

  • It’s a serious step when a driver approaches LegalRideshare – they’re involving a lawyer
  • Losing your income is serious!
  • Drivers are approaching LegalRideshare to figure out what happened – why were they deactivated?
  • Another big issue: false accusations – delivery drivers made the delivery but customers are saying they never received it

How Can Drivers Protect Themselves?

  • Getting a dash camera – one of the most important things for any driver on the road, including delivery drivers!
  • Document everything – photos of the delivery drop off, the address, etc.
  • Tips for getting reactivated? Find customer support managers in your city using LinkedIn!
  • Contact the media – what’s sensational about your story?

The Deactivation Appeal Process

  • Persistence pays off! Demand an explanation as to why you were deactivated
  • Make it so they can’t forget you – more likely to get some traction
  • But don’t be a jerk! Be memorable for being polite, realize you’re talking to a human, there’s no vendetta against you
  • Keep it short and sweet

Deactivation Letters from LegalRideshare

  • Innovative process from LegalRideshare
  • LegalRideshare takes the driver’s story and writes a letter to Uber (or Lyft or other gig platform) – gets in front of decision-makers
  • This is getting drivers reactivated!
  • Drivers get full clarity as to what happened – why were they deactivated?

LegalRideshare Partnerships

  • Working closely with a company called Kover
  • If you’re deactivated or in an accident, Kover will help supplement your income
  • Looking to partner with other companies in the community – goal is to help drivers!


  • Thanks to Bryant for coming on the podcast, and for the team at LegalRideshare for all their hard work for drivers
  • Really appreciate all the work they’re doing for drivers – they’ve consistently been excellent and driver-focused
  • They’re great advocates for drivers – helping drivers in person, providing news and tips, and more

Show Notes