RSG125: Helping Hundreds of Drivers Deal With Rideshare Accidents

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    You might be the best driver in the world – but what about the drivers around you? Over the past couple of years, there have been a number of lawyers popping up to handle Uber and Lyft accident cases. Today, we’ll be speaking with one of the very first firms to establish a national brand specializing in rideshare accidents. We’ll cover what it’s like settling cases with Uber – you might be surprised by how it’s changed over the last few years!

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    • Today I’m talking with Bryant Greening, co-founder of LegalRideshare
    • Only law firm in the US dedicated entirely to Uber and Lyft accidents and injury claims
    • Former Uber and Lyft driver himself!
    • We’ve had Bryant on before, so today we’re going into the nitty gritty of this industry
    • Check out the podcast Autonomous Cars with Mark Hoag! If you want to learn more about autonomous cars, he’s the expert

    Intro to Bryant Greening

    • Major changes since the last time we talked – more people on the road
    • More drivers sticking around – but the inability (due to an accident) to drive also means a complete loss to their income
    • Many drivers feel helpless, so LegalRideshare’s goal is to help answer their questions
    • Put them on a path to physical and financial recovery

    What Happens After an Accident With Uber/Lyft

    • Call the police, try to file a police report
    • Get passenger contact information and information from parties involved
    • Before the accident, highly recommend getting a dash camera
    • Also getting a rideshare endorsement to fill in the gaps between Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies

    Trends in Accidents

    • Not addressing any physical pains that aren’t getting better after the accident – treat them sooner rather than later
    • Even if you have a passenger in the car, it’s important not to admit fault only because you feel bad
    • A lot of drivers feel bad for not providing excellent service to their passengers that they admit fault when it’s not theirs

    LegalRideshare’s Driver Advocacy

    • Wants to help drivers at all levels, not just with accidents
    • Case in Chicago: Chicago tried to ban ads in or on rideshare vehicles, LegalRideshare sued and the city dropped the case – it’s your car, you should be able to put ads in if you want!
    • Advocating for compensation, especially during this coronavirus – drivers don’t necessarily have the means to stay home for weeks and not earn anything or be provided any sort of unemployment compensation
    • Working on the topic of false deactivations for drivers – these false accusations keep drivers from working and feeding their families

    Engaging with Uber and Lyft After an Accident

    • LegalRideshare handles this – they have contacts within the insurance companies, they know who to contact immediately to help get the case moving
    • Depending on the case, may work directly with higher level people
    • LegalRideshare takes big and small cases – every case is different, but they’ve seen them all at this point!
    • Basically, if you have lost wages, you should contact a lawyer
    • Now more than ever, Uber and Lyft are fighting every single case that comes up – didn’t need a lawyer as much in the past but you do now


    • Big thanks to Bryant for coming in to chat about LegalRideshare and what they do for drivers – Bryant was a little modest but he’s quoted a lot in the media and seen as an advocate for drivers!
    • It’s clear he has a passion for helper drivers through his business – he really will talk to anyone, ‘big’ or ‘small’ case
    • Personal injury lawyers don’t always have the best reputation, but Bryant has been there for a lot of drivers and I’m happy to partner with him
    • Glad to see LegalRideshare is so active in driver advocacy – this is huge because there is no shortage to the issues drivers are facing right now

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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