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    Uber for X exists almost everywhere, but in this episode, I talk to someone who’s found a new Uber for X industry: construction materials! I’m chatting with Matt Lafferty, the CEO and co-founder of Curri, about Curri, which specializes in last mile delivery of construction supplies. Curri hires drivers in the gig economy, so this is an excellent option for drivers looking to get into a different line of delivery work. 

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    Intro to Matt Lafferty

    • Co-founder and CEO of Curri
    • Curri is a construction material delivery service, transporting supplies within the hour
    • Born after a chat with a plumber

    What is Curri?

    • Primary customer are companies selling construction materials
    • B2B business
    • Customers include Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.
    • Don’t sell supplies – fulfill delivery

    What Types of Items Does Curri Deliver?

    • A lot of plumbing supplies!
    • Construction materials – housing boom
    • One stop shop for materials – needs all types of vehicles for these deliveries
    • Cars, trucks, vans, etc.

    Driving for Curri

    • Any type of vehicle, but typically work with a lot of pickup trucks, trailers, etc.
    • Drivers typically sign on to drive when they’d like – they make a lot more than typical delivery drivers!
    • Couriers make about $15-35 an hour
    • Best times to drive are morning, afternoon (3:30 – 4 PM)

    Learning About the Construction Business

    • Learning about the industry has been challenging but fun
    • Getting the industry more up to speed
    • Main customer is the wholesaler – deliveries lead to more sales
    • A lot of opportunity in this space to grow


    • Thanks to Matt for coming on the podcast – really cool, new company!
    • A lot of opportunities for drivers – if this sounds interesting to you, make sure to check out Curri
    • Good to keep your eyes out for what’s going on in the delivery market – changes in food delivery, changes in order sizes, changes to models, etc.

    Show Notes

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