RSG183: Building a Search Engine for Food Delivery

There are a lot of food delivery apps out there – many of the big ones, but plenty of small ones, too, plus all of the chains getting involved with their own delivery apps! Where can customers find all of this delivery information in one place, though, including ones offering the lowest delivery fees or discounts? You guessed it – there’s an app for that! In this episode, I’ll talk to the CEO and cofounder of Foodboss, an all-in-one search engine for food delivery and pickup.

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Intro to Michael DiBenedetto

  • CEO and cofounder of Foodboss
  • Background in business development, strategy and healthcare consultancy and consumer service marketing
  • Prior experience running a successful customer experience management mobile app-start up
  • Decided to start Foodboss because of late nights spent working – didn’t know what was open!

What is Foodboss?

  • Online search engine for food delivery
  • Customers can see in real-time what restaurants are open, fees, delivery times, etc.
  • Think of it like Kayak or Trivago for the food space
  • Geared to be more mobile-friendly

Foodboss Growth

  • Adding 2-3 new cities a week
  • Major metro markets
  • Growing by double digits each month
  • Grew during the pandemic

Platform Risks

  • If companies decide not to be a part of an aggregate company, what could happen?
  • Kayak still prospered even without Southwest
  • Plenty of competition in food delivery space
  • Pandemic showed that digital + food delivery are interconnected and integral

What’s Next for Foodboss?

  • Grow out restaurant section/brand
  • Opportunity for growth in the US
  • Grocery delivery expansion
  • Looking into other verticals as well (alcohol)


  • Big thanks to Michael for coming on the episode!
  • Curious to learn more about Foodboss since I’m a user & since I know a lot about aggregate apps
  • So many aggregate apps out there for travel, for example, so there is plenty of opportunity in this space

Show Notes