RSG185: 3 CEOs Talk Rideshare for Kids

In this episode, we’ll be talking to three founders of ridesharing companies for kids. We’ll discuss the importance of companies that cater to families, how Uber and Lyft fit into this space, what it’s like driving for these services, and more. 

Take a look at our video interview of this panel here: RSG 185: What It’s Like To Drive Rideshare For Kids

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Intro to the Panel

  • Joanna McFarland, CEO of Hop Skip Drive
  • Noreen Butler, CEO of Rubi Rides
  • Margarita Clarke, CEO of JumpRydz

How Things Have Changed Over the Last Few Years

  • Joanna from HSD: Things have changed tremendously!
  • HSD serves school districts primarily – trends have been accelerated by COVID
  • Margarita from JumpRydz: Why youth transportation? Originated from what the community needed
  • Noreen from Rubi Rides: Started as an Uber & Lyft driver to understand the market; also came from need for flexibility

Differences Between Uber and Lyft

  • Very different!
  • Rides are designed for minors and those who need extra care
  • Majority of drivers are women – flexibility is a big factor
  • Many drivers also drive for Uber and Lyft, too

Driver Earnings and Flexibility

  • Opportunities are consistency, culture of the community
  • Mainly flat fare schedule, but there are other variables families can add
  • Many drivers want predictability in their schedules
  • Drivers are independent contractors

Challenges Facing Rideshare Companies for Kids

  • Licensing for drivers (particularly NYC)
  • Finding family-focused drivers
  • Challenge sourcing drivers + types of vehicles for kid transportation
  • Scaling the service!


  • Big thanks to Joanna, Noreen, and Margarita for coming on the podcast!
  • Incredibly informative and very much needed
  • Make sure to check out the companies in the show notes below if you’d like to sign up and become a driver!

Show Notes