RSG194: Delivering Cannabis with GrassDoor

There’s one segment of the gig economy that’s required by law, in California at least, to hire drivers as employees: cannabis! With earnings, tips and more, it all adds up to a pretty good wage – and this segment of the gig economy is only going to get bigger in the future. In this episode, I chat with Zack Ein, the founder and CEO of cannabis-delivery company Grassdoor, about this unique work opportunity, what is Grassdoor and how it works.

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Intro to Zack Ein

  • Founder and CEO of Grassdoor
  • Had a software development company pre-Grassdoor
  • Had the idea, 4 years ago, to build a robust cannabis delivery platform
  • Realized regulators did not want tech-only companies in this space

What is Grassdoor?

  • Became a cannabis retailer because couldn’t remain just a tech company
  • 2019 – received first retail license
  • Still relatively new industry – even in 2019!
  • Primarily works in Los Angeles area

What is it like Driving for Grassdoor?

  • W-2 position – full benefits, too
  • Drivers get decent tips (Friday evenings are high demand)
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Obviously not for everyone! Do make later night deliveries

Grassdoor Drivers

  • Need to have a good driving record!
  • Get a lot of former rideshare drivers
  • Drivers are employees, with protections and benefits
  • Could other companies survive with this business model? Probably not

Future for Grassdoor

  • Go to Grassdoor and find an application to apply!
  • Grassdoor is becoming dominant in the cannabis industry – remote jobs available too!
  • Focusing on growth


  • Big thanks to Zack for coming on the podcast and chatting about cannabis and last mile delivery – this is an interesting vertical!

Show Notes