RSG213: How Drivers are Earning More with Wrapify

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Chances are you’ve probably seen car wrap advertisements around your city – these advertising opportunities are lucrative for drivers and make a ton of sense for companies, since rideshare drivers drive everywhere. In this episode, I chat with the CEO of Wrapify, James Heller, about the car wrap industry, earnings opportunities for drivers and more.

Intro to James Heller

  • CEO and Founder of Wrapify
  • Connects brands to drivers
  • Self-funded the startup
  • Now has raised $10.6M, live nationwide

Growth of Wrapify Over the Years

  • Drivers side and brand side
  • “Outdoor advertising” space
  • Billboards are most prominent
  • Attribution comes from geo-spatial data

What is Wrapify?

  • If you’re a rideshare driver, download the Wrapify app
  • If you drive ~50 miles, on average, Wrapify may be able to match you to campaigns
  • If/when a campaign is available in your area, you’ll get an alert on the app
  • Drivers can make hundreds of dollars, depending on the campaigns offered

Average Campaign Duration

  • You make more the more you drive
  • Campaigns last around 4-12 weeks
  • Brands can extend campaigns
  • Might be surprised to know campaigns aren’t just in major cities – everywhere!

What Makes Wrapify Unique?

  • Passive income!
  • Drivers don’t have to do additional tasks in order to get paid
  • Harry had his car wrapped by Wrapify!
  • Wrapping process is quick and doesn’t damage the vehicle

Future for Wrapify

  • Make sure to keep your Wrapify app updated!
  • New brands coming online soon

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