RSG218: Interview with the Lyft Co-Founder & President John Zimmer

Recently, I traveled up to San Francisco to interview the Lyft co-founder and President, John Zimmer – yes, an in-person interview!

This is a great episode you can’t miss, and we cover a lot of the questions you shared with me on our RSG Facebook page.

We talked about the beginning of Lyft, John’s experience as a driver, yes, he drives every New Year’s Eve, the driver perception of Lyft, and driver earnings.

Intro to John Zimmer

  • Co-founder and President of Lyft
  • Started Lyft just about 10 years ago
  • Driver events and groups – lots of community
  • The original premise was “driving around your friends”

You can also watch this interview on the RSG YouTube channel:

Improving the Driver Experience

  • Upfront pay
  • Long trip bonus
  • Lyft’s responsibility to make all trips worthwhile
  • Driver access to Lyft Pink

Simplicity vs. Driver Wants

  • Building incentives into pay
  • Don’t have to think about Streaks, etc. – already included
  • Lyft needs to pay the right amount for the right ride
  • Lyft needs to design with trust

Reader Questions

  • Many new services coming to Lyft for passengers
  • This will bring more demand to Lyft that benefits drivers
  • Delivery? Delivery for businesses – not consumers

What’s Lyft Up to Now?

  • The pandemic was difficult!
  • Now able to focus on things more meaningful to drivers
  • Can do a better job of communicating with drivers, but delivering is the key