RSG 239: Colin Gardiner on Building Outdoorsy – The RV Rental Marketplace

In RSG 239 podcast episode, I sit down with Colin Gardiner. Colin is a startup advisor with 10+ years in consumer tech, as well as an early employee at Outdoorsy.

We discuss Outdoorsy, the AirBnB equivalent for RVs, as well as how Colin’s learnings from Outdoorsy can be applied to other rideshare and marketplace businesses.

Main Topics of Conversation

See a topic of my interview with Colin that piques your interest? Quickly skip ahead to that timestamp in the podcast to listen now. 😀

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 1:47 – What is Outdoorsy?
  • 3:00 – What is an RV?
  • 4:07 – Are individuals on Outdoorsy?
  • 7:08 – Thoughts on marketplaces becoming professional
  • 8:37 – Importance of Insurance
  • 11:16 – Issues with Insurance
  • 15:42 – Branding
  • 20:39 – What makes a good customer experience on Outdoorsy?
  • 26:20 – Is there room for more rideshare marketplaces?
  • 31:16 – Where to find Colin
  • 31:53 – What is Wannabe Angels?

RSG 239: Watch My Interview with Colin Gardiner

We were excited to get to sit down and chat with Colin. You can listen to our podcast above or watch the interview on YouTube below:

We hope you enjoyed this podcast and feel free to leave thoughts and future questions for The Rideshare Guy in the comments below.