RSG244: Click a Button and Get A Car

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What to Expect

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:25 Why Justin joined Vay
  • 5:20 Use case for Vay
  • 9:13 Vay’s timeline
  • 12:14 Vay’s scale
  • 17:21 Details of subscription model
  • 24:31 Details of how Vay will work
  • 29:13 Autonomy for Vay
  • 34:26 Biggest challenge with Vay
  • 40:13 How Vay will work with cities
  • 44:11 Teledriving
  • 46:33 Future of teledriving
  • 50:15 Where to find Justin

Quick Takeaways

  • Justin Spratt, VP of Business and Corporate Development at Vay, discusses the company’s diverse background, global presence and highlights several key points:
    • Vay remotely drives vehicles, offering convenience and cost savings.
    • Vay aims to provide a 20-40% discount compared to ride-hailing services.
    • Mapping demand and ensuring short ETAs (estimated time of arrival) at scale are important, similar to Uber’s approach.
  • The key factors for car efficiency include identifying the ideal “hot zone” for the car to operate in and optimizing parking strategies.
  • Compression of empty miles is essential in phases one and two of deployment.
  • Efficiency at scale works well in big cities, but outside of major cities, ETAs can be less reliable.
  • Owning the fleet provides more control and flexibility for repositioning vehicles compared to ride-hailing platforms.
  • The technology trade-off involves keeping costs lower than the expensive sensors used in full autonomy.
  • Pricing is expected to be 20-40% cheaper than traditional ride-hailing services, with a focus on reducing empty miles for drivers.
  • Teledrivers will teleport into vehicles during economic transactions, eliminating the need for drivers to wait for ride requests.
  • The service aims to maximize efficiency and reduce costs through strategic parking permits and parking lot mapping in urban areas.

Overall, the podcast provides valuable insights into the TeleDriving Industry, the challenges and opportunities in the transportation industry, and its dynamics

Why You Should Listen

Listen to Justin Spratt, VP of Business and Corporate Development at Vay and discover how Vay remote vehicle operation both convenience and substantial cost savings, with pricing aimed at a 20-40% discount compared to traditional ride-hailing services.

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