RSG246: Discover Daytrip – Rideshare Meets Tour Guides & Tourism

Join Harry as he speaks with Tomáš Turek, CEO of Daytrip. You’ll learn an entirely new way rideshare drivers can make money providing day trips worldwide and how tourists can get more out of their trips.

Daytrip is like the Uber of, as you guessed, daytrips. They are ridesharing services that take tourists on trips with English-speaking drivers and plenty of cultural opportunities.

Listen to why this business model may rework how rideshare drivers spend eight hours a day working.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Tomáš Turek breaks down what it is like to work for (and ride for) Daytrip around the country, including in the United States.
    • He discusses how Daytrip differs from Uber or Lyft and how they can provide tourists with more value than they’d find from local tourist companies.
  • Daytrip’s largest audience is travelers visiting foreign countries and looking for guided tours, but not your typical textbook tours.
    • Daytrip drivers speak English, are safe, and know the area well.
    • Drivers provide conversations about the local history and culture and show tourists little-known gems that aren’t overrun by tourists.
    • Daytrip has a database of 10,000 points of interest, but drivers are free to share their knowledge.
  • Some of the most popular countries for Daytrip are Italy, France, Spain, Eastern Europe, Southwest Asia, and Africa, not to mention the United States.
  • A popular itinerary includes picking tourists up at their hotel, heading to their ‘main point of interest,’ but stopping along the way to give them the ‘true country experience.’
  • Drivers are experienced rideshare drivers, freelancers looking for a side hustle, and full-time drivers.
  • The cost is better than Uber, and it pays drivers well, but the pay varies on each country’s requirements.
  • Daytrip feels their platform is much more enjoyable for drivers because they aren’t picking up multiple riders a day; they have one trip that they get to immerse themselves in and help tourists have a good time.
  • Due to regulations, Daytrip has expanded to the U.S. but is currently only in California.

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