RSG248: Pay ALL Your Vehicle Expenses With One App – Autority With CEO Juan Proaño

Join Harry as he speaks with Juan Proaño, CEO of While only available in Latin America right now, there is potential for the app to move to the United States eventually.

The app is a one-stop shop for all things related to automotive payments, from financing to tickets, tolls, and parking.

Autority provides customers with one place to handle all payments regarding their vehicles, decreasing the crazy wait times the lines in Latin America create, even doing something as simple as seeing a bank teller.

Listen to the business model and see how it can transform how anyone, not just rideshare drivers, handle vehicle responsibilities.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Juan discusses how challenging and time-consuming it is to complete even small tasks in Latin America, such as going to the bank to withdraw money to pay for a ticket, which can take as long as half of a day.
  • The average driver in Latin America spends $6,500 a year on their vehicle between financing, parking, tickets, and registration, and provides a single place to make these payments.
  • The app currently has 60,000 users and began in February 2022.
    • They are working on expanding to Mexico.
    • Has their eyes on the United States but no explicit plans yet.
  • is a free app.
    • Users sign up with their license plate and can handle all payments regarding their vehicle.
    • Also offers installment plans for things like registration, making it easier to afford on-time payments.
    • Users can pay for their driver’s license, parking tickets, registration, parking lots, tolls, insurance, and even car washes.
  • The point of the app is to help users save time.
    • Users pay a small commission for payment for public services, such as registration or tickets.
    • The suppliers, such as parking lots, insurance companies, or car washes, pay Autority a commission, and users pay nothing.
  • Autority isn’t done growing.
    • They plan to add gas-finding services, offering discounts as most people will use the app for other services too, which make Autority more money.
    • They’re looking into recharging services; however, Latin America is behind on this.
  • Autority helps rideshare drivers by offering alerts and notifications, especially regarding traffic or ‘no drive’ days, to avoid expensive tickets.

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