RSG251: How Vugo is Helping Fleet Owners Earn More With In Car Advertising

Join Harry as he speaks with Rob Flessner, founder of Vugo, an AI-powered Mobility Media® platform. Vugo is one of the first rideshare advertising platforms, giving rideshare drivers and, more recently, fleet owners another source of revenue.

Learn how this business model can increase revenue for rideshare drivers and fleet owners while making passenger rides more pleasant or productive.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Vugo places mobility media platforms or digital displays inside vehicles
    • Originally, they placed them only in individual rideshare driver’s vehicles but have since focused on fleets
  • Vugo started in 2015 as one of the first mobility medial platforms
    • Today, they have plenty of competition but continue to evolve their offerings
    • It all started when a friend of the co-founder left his restaurant menu in the back of the car, which sparked a conversation with passengers and eventually requests to go to the restaurant
  • The platforms use trip signals and destination data to build content and experiences for passengers
  • Vugo shifted from a driver focus because tablets weren’t conducive for drivers
    • They posed a safety risk because they were strapped onto the back of the seat
    • There was a theft risk
    • It put a lot of work on the drivers, and if they didn’t put in the effort, the tablet didn’t work
  • Vugo offers value for passengers, and the industry is growing
    • They are better than exterior ads because they can be more targeted
    • There are fewer hazards because the ads are inside the car
    • The targeted ads strike conversation between the driver and passenger
  • Drivers aren’t making a ton of money, but they can offset the cost of maintaining rideshare cars or leasing cars
  • The highest-earning cities are New York City and Miami

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