When you hear Instacart, I’m sure you—like many—instantly think of groceries. While Instacart’s platform enables shopping for and delivering groceries to customers, Instacart has partnered with several other retailers to include non-grocery options for customers. 

    Yes, it’s true – Customers can order and deliver way more than “just” groceries on the Instacart platform! Signing up for Instacart is easy and you can get started almost immediately – just in time for a very busy holiday season

    “More than groceries” is our reason why Instacart is the #1 gig for fast, extra cash this holiday season.

    The biggest reason? It’s not exactly a secret that the supply chain is pretty messed up! This means that way more people are going to be ordering gifts from local retailers. And this is where you come in!

    This article is sponsored by Instacart, but all opinions are our own.

    Why Instacart is the Best Seasonal Side Gig for Extra Holiday Cash

    Big Holidays for Grocery Orders are Coming Up!

    As you know, we’ve got some big holidays coming up. And one main feature of those holidays is feasting

    Think about it: what do all of the biggest winter holidays have in common? Gathering with family and friends and eating lots of food!

    These holidays, along with New Year’s Eve, also tend to have higher alcohol requests than your average day or weekend. 

    If you think about it, you’ll likely notice larger orders around these holidays as well as small orders for all those little things we all forget when under pressure. The customer remembered to order the pumpkin puree and the evaporated milk, but didn’t remember the spices. 

    Little mishaps like that happen all the time during the holidays, so that’s where you come in to save the day.

    Plus, customers tend to be more generous with tips during the holidays. If you come through for them when they are in a pinch, you might just get rewarded for it. 

    Shopping as if you’re shopping for yourself is another step in the right direction. Would you want a bruised tomato? Would you want your eggs placed in a bag underneath potatoes? Think about your customers as if they were you!

    If you haven’t tried out Instacart yet, sign up today! Keep 100% of your tips and choose when you want to work. 

    Alcohol Orders

    Savvy Instacart shoppers we’ve interviewed love alcohol orders – why? Because these Instacart shoppers know that alcohol orders are easy to fulfill, usually are more expensive than regular grocery orders – and tips are usually better!

    As Steve, an Instacart shopper in Dallas said, “Two 1.75 liter bottles of Grey Goose with a 20% tip? Grab and go!”

    But what does this have to do with the holidays? You don’t have to ask! Most holidays and gatherings that go along with them revolve in some way around alcohol. New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest alcohol-driven holidays. 

    Increase your chance for tips by sending a quick message to your customer if the order includes beer or another beverage that can be either room temp on the shelf or pre-chilled. Going that extra mile can pay off! 

    Instacart is More Than Groceries

    Instacart is ever expanding its platform to include more retailers—and more than just grocery stores. You may not know this, but Instacart also includes orders from Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and so many more places! 

    Some people—myself included—hate shopping! They’d rather pay for someone like you to do the work for them. 

    Plus, with an increase in shipping delays, more customers are likely to choose to shop local through the Instacart app at their favorite stores nearby, giving Instacart shoppers like you more chances for earning via the platform. 

    This could be especially true with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales happening nationwide after the Thanksgiving holiday. 

    If you enjoy shopping, do it for money! Sign up for Instacart today

    Are you planning on shopping with Instacart this holiday season?

    -Paula @ RSG

    Paula Gibbins

    Paula Gibbins

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