TaskRabbit Review 2024

If you’re looking for a worthwhile side hustle, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t sleep on TaskRabbit. The platform offers a reliable way to earn extra cash by utilizing your existing skills.

The platform connects freelancers to clients that are willing to pay for numerous services. In this unbiased review, we’ll unfold everything about the TaskRabbit platform, including how to get started and whether it’s worth your time.

What Is TaskRabbit? 

TaskRabbit is a website and app that connects gig workers with individuals seeking help to complete specific tasks. These tasks include cleaning services, videography, accounting, event planning, landscape work, and other home-related chores.

The website allows busy clients to post tasks they need help with. On the flip side, service providers referred to as Taskers use the platform to search for suitable jobs.

taskrabbit website screenshot

It’s a win-win for both parties: the clients find the right fit for their task, and Taskers get a chance to earn some additional income.

How Does TaskRabbit Work? 

Once the platform approves you as a Tasker, you can set your profile for numerous services. You aren’t bound to choose a single service. Instead, you can pick multiple services – as long as you have the experience.

The platform also allows you to set different prices for each service. The app will notify you as soon as someone closer to your location posts a task that aligns with your service.

However, you’ll only receive app notifications if you use the “available” option in the app. Once you complete the service, the client will leave a review based on your service quality.

As for the payments, you receive a direct deposit into your bank account. These payments are generally transferred within 24 hours after task completion. However, the deposit may take up to 5 days.

TaskRabbit does not impose any tax on the Tasker. Instead, it generates its revenue from clients. So, you take 100% of your earnings home, alongside any tips you earn.


TaskRabbit offers numerous enticing features for Taskers and clients. Some popular ones include the following.

TaskRabbit Elite 

Consistent high ratings from clients enable Taskers to join TaskRabbit Elite. Here are a few requirements that Taskers must fulfill to benefit from TaskRabbit Elite:

  • Constantly receive a minimum rating of 4.9
  • Earn a spot in the list of top 5 TaskRabbit earners
  • Strictly comply with the rules and regulations of the platform

Once the Taskers fit the set criteria, they can easily get their TaskRabbit Elite badge. This label sets them apart from their competitors.

On top of that, they receive $10 for referring the platform to their peers. Nonetheless, your friends must sign up using your referral link for you to make money.

Numerous Gigs 

The platform includes multiple gigs, and some are incredibly functional. While gigs like furniture assembly, home laundry, general handyman, moving and picking, and yard work are common, a few distinctive gigs make the platform unique. 

These include:

  • Paid line sitter. You can stand in line for someone to earn money. A professional line sitter typically charges $25 on the platform. But, again, this varies per the Tasker.
  • Grocery shopping. Picking up groceries for other people is another way to make extra cash. The cool part is that a few clients pay for your steps. This requires you to wear an activity tracker to count your footsteps.

Virtual services, including design and freelance writing, are other popular gigs on the platform.

Happiness Pledge 

TaskRabbit doesn’t directly offer insurance coverage. However, it does provide an informal insurance policy through the “Happiness Pledge.” That’s right; the platform may provide compensation to clients when they fail to resolve a problem with their Tasker.

Nonetheless, the clients must submit their insurance claim within 14 days to benefit from this feature.

TaskRabbit Locations 

TaskRabbit is available in the UK, US, and Canada. In the US, it is available in around 45 cities!

The most popular locations include:

  • Atlanta
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • LA & OC
  • Miami
  • San Diego
  • Portland

Note that this list isn’t exhaustive and that TaskRabbit operates in most US cities.

How Much Does TaskRabbit Cost?

TaskRabbit costs between $18-$75 per hour. While the price varies per Tasker, the average cost for services is around $30. Every Tasker on the platform sets their special price, allowing clients to search for a suitable fit keeping their budget in mind.

For example, anyone not wanting to handle heavy lifting may prefer hiring a Tasker rather than opting for a service company. Organizations typically charge more than Taskers.

TaskRabbit clients have a better chance to get the desired service at affordable prices, and Taskers have an opportunity to land a suitable job.

How Much Can You Earn On TaskRabbit? 

Each Tasker sets their own rates depending on their experience and the task’s nature. However, these rates have to be realistic.

For instance, if you’re setting a $100 rate for a task that most Taskers are charging $50, and you have no reviews – it’s highly unlikely for you to get hired.

The location also determines average rates. For instance, the hourly rate for furniture assembling near Denver is $40, waiting in line is $30, and helping people move is $55.

These rates may increase as we move to other popular cities like New York.

How To Become a Tasker For TaskRabbit 

There’s no secret sauce to working for TaskRabbit. Here are a few steps to follow to become a Tasker.

Sign Up 

To begin with, you need to create your account and then download the Tasker app. Android users can install it here, and iOS users can download it via the App store.

Set Your Profile 

Setting up a profile is crucial to selling your services. You need to provide a little information about yourself and your experience in a relevant field.

Make sure you upload a clear photo. This doesn’t have to be an HD shot. However, your face must be visible for clients to see. This would not take them by surprise on your first visit and ensure things go smoothly.

Undergo Verification 

You need to go through numerous verifications to qualify as a Tasker. This requires you to be over 18 and have social security number.

Besides, you must also pass a background check. For instance, if you’re willing to provide the services of a plumber or an electrician, the platform may ask you to provide relevant certifications and licenses.

Pay the Charges 

Taskers are often required to pay a registration fee of $25 upfront when signing up. This is a one-time fee and only applies to some cities.

This step often puts off people who are just curious about the platform and want to “check it out.”

Choose Your Area and Work Schedule

You must set your area and work schedule to land a suitable job. This allows the app to notify you when clients look for Taskers that fit your profile.

A few clients want your services immediately. Therefore, set your schedule wisely.

Start Working

Accept the jobs that align with your skills and experience and enjoy additional income on the go!

Is TaskRabbit Worth It? 

TaskRabbit offers the flexibility of schedule, rates, and service type, making it an ideal choice for Taskers.

What’s more, it doesn’t deduct from your earnings. Therefore, there’s no reason TaskRabbit isn’t worth putting effort into. You get to choose your service rates and set a suitable schedule. So long as you utilize the platform for good, you’ll make the most out of it.

Pros & Cons of TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is the way to go if you’re willing to invest time and desire to make money. Let’s take a closer look at some advantages and disadvantages of the platform for comparison.


  • Secure payment process. You receive the payments directly in your bank account. There are no third parties involved.
  • You get 100% of your income. The platform doesn’t deduct anything from your earnings. So, you receive your entire payment plus tips from happy clients.
  • You get to set your rates. The platform doesn’t place a cap on the rates. You are free to set your own rates. However, they shouldn’t be unrealistic. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to get a suitable task.
  • Offer numerous services. Got various skills? You can make a living by selling your expertise. Add numerous skills and get paid instantly through TaskRabbit.
  • Reliable service provider. Clients on TaskRabbit have access to skilled Taskers who can help them with various chores.


  • Minimal insurance coverage for clients. TaskRabbit isn’t great when it comes to insurance coverage. The platform doesn’t guarantee reimbursement to clients in the event of damage caused by the Tasker.
  • Limited locations. The application is available in a few countries.

TaskRabbit Reviews 

TaskRabbit is an excellent platform for anyone looking for a side job. Both clients and Taskers are satisfied with how the app meets their needs.

A former TaskRabbit employee left this positive review on Indeed, “You get to offer whatever services you choose and set your own pay rate for each service.” 

The Tasker also displays satisfaction by mentioning that the Management is pretty flexible, and any money you make goes directly into your pocket; there are no tax deductions!

They, however, believe that landing a new job is challenging, but meeting new people is fun.

Another current employee spreads positive word of mouth about the platform by leaving a 5-star rating.

Taskrabbit job review

The clients have also shown satisfaction after utilizing the services of Taskers.

Taskrabbit reviews

TaskRabbit Alternatives

The flexibility of TaskRabbit already gives it a competitive edge over other side gig platforms.

However, you’ll find some reliable alternatives on the market. Although they may lack the flexibility, they help you generate additional income.

TaskRabbit Vs. Thumbtack 

Thumbtack primarily focuses on home-based projects, including interior and exterior painting, flooring, and cleaning. However, it also allows services like catering, wedding photography, dog walking, and singing lessons – that aren’t commonly seen on TaskRabbit.

Further, the platform allows advertising options for those who have earned Thumbtack Pro status. TaskRabbit, on the flip side, offers a similar opportunity to Elite Taskers.

TaskRabbit Vs. Handy

Handy can help you make up to $65 per hour based on your skill and knowledge. It also allows you to set your schedule. However, unlike TaskRabbit, it charges a background check fee.

Besides, it keeps the prices fixed, unlike the former, which allows you to customize your rates.

But, Handy doesn’t require a registration fee, which is a plus.


Is TaskRabbit Legit? 

TaskRabbit is a legitimate platform for clients and Taskers. The platform connects you to people willing to pay for small tasks and errands.

How Much Money Can I Make With TaskRabbit? 

How much money you can make with TaskRabbit depends on numerous factors, including schedule, rates, and location. However, you can expect to earn as much as you can make from a reliable side job.

Is TaskRabbit a Reliable Platform to Make Money?

TaskRabbit offers secure payments and gives you the entire sum you earn. Therefore, it is a reliable platform to earn cash while selling your services.