Uber Driver’s Guide to Atlanta

I have many years of experience driving for Uber in Atlanta, and with the right strategy, it can be worth it. The key is to know where and when to work.

When you create a strategy and stick to it, rather than taking any ride that comes your way, you can make a decent side income. Or, if you’re really dedicated, a full-time income driving for Uber in Atlanta.

Atlanta Uber Driver Requirements

To become an Uber driver in Atlanta, you’ll need:

  • 15-year-old vehicle or newer
  • 4-door vehicle
  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage
  • No commercial branding


Uber accepts both official and temporary registration documents. The vehicle does not need to be registered in your name to qualify.

Driving for Uber in Atlanta

To become an Uber driver in Atlanta, you must meet some basic driver requirements, including passing a background check, having a valid driver’s license, and carrying proper vehicle insurance.

These are basic things to protect riders, yourself, and Uber when you accept rides on their platform. Because the requirements are basic, there tend to be a lot of people interested in driving for Uber.

So it’s important to learn tips and strategies to make the most of your business.

Atlanta Uber Driver Tips & Strategies

Driving for Uber in Atlanta is competitive, as many people try to do the same thing. Here are some ways to get ahead of the competition.

1. Drive for Uber and Lyft

Don’t restrict yourself to one app. Have Uber and Lyft active simultaneously, but keep Uber active on your screen with Lyft running in the background.

If Uber isn’t active on your screen, they could time you out, leaving you without requests.

With both apps on, you can take the best-paying rides and piggyback on one another when you need rides heading back in your direction.

That way, you don’t have wasted time without a paying passenger.

2. Drive During High Demand

Atlanta has some interesting times when demand is the highest. If you’re an early bird, take advantage of the many people traveling to the Atlanta airport.

Usually, 3 AM to 9 AM is the best time to make good money. If you’re lucky, you’ll grab rides with surge pricing to increase your earnings further.

If you’re more of a night owl, you’re in luck. The nightlife is hopping in Atlanta from 8 PM to 3 AM. You can get many passengers and may often get surge pricing.

3. Be Patient and Have a Strategy

Patience is key when driving for Uber in Atlanta. Get to know the area, the hot spots, and where you should spend your time.

Position yourself in those spots and plan your path based on traffic patterns. Make sure you know where to pick up rides on the way back and only take rides you know are profitable.

Just taking any ride that comes your way isn’t a good strategy. If you aren’t fairly certain you can get a ride on the way back, it might not be worth it. Have patience.

4. Be Courteous

Greet your passengers by name, turn around and look at them face-to-face, and read the situation. Do they seem reserved and like they want to be left alone, or do they seem like they want someone to talk to?

Follow their lead, load and unload their luggage if going to the airport, and be as friendly as possible. This will increase your chances of getting higher tips.

5. Split Shifts

Don’t waste your time working all day because you lose money every minute you don’t have a passenger. Instead, split your day, working the early morning and late night rush.

You’ll likely make more money working fewer hours and can enjoy the rest of your day!

Atlanta Uber Driver Hotspots

Atlanta is home to many major tourist attractions. You can’t go wrong positioning yourself around any of the following:

  • Truist Park Area
  • Downtown Atlanta
  • Midtown Atlanta
  • Buckhead Atlanta

Each area has numerous restaurants and entertainment establishments that people need rides to and from, especially on the weekends.

If you’d rather position yourself near the most popular neighborhoods and try to secure people taking longer rides, position yourself near any of the following areas:

  • Virginia Highlands
  • Georgia State University
  • Spellman and Morehouse Colleges
  • Georgia Tech

If you like airport routes, try only to take them when a rider goes to the airport. This will put you at the front of the queue to catch a ride back, bypassing the 100+ cars in the staging lot that you’d be behind if you just showed up at the airport without a rider.

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Best Times To Drive for Uber in Atlanta

Finding the best times to drive for Uber in Atlanta helps maximize your earnings and minimize the hours you must work.

Consider working the following shifts when rides are needed the most:

  • Monday to Friday, 3 AM to 9 AM
  • Friday to Saturday, 8 PM to 3 AM

If you work the 3 AM shift, taking airport runs is best. You’ll hit a lot of traffic catching early flights. And, if lucky, you can get people arriving in Atlanta to take them back.

Atlanta Airport is the busiest on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make in Atlanta?

The summer months in Atlanta are slower than the rest of the year.

With that, during the summer months, working 46 hours a week, I make about $1,000 a week. All other times of the year, though, I make between $1,300 to $1,700 a week (working 46 hours weekly).

I also diversify myself by driving for Uber Comfort and XL, and by using Lyft and Uber apps simultaneously to maximize my earnings.

I tend not to go after the Uber bonuses because my strategy is to be selective about the rides I accept. I don’t accept rides just to accept them. They must make financial sense for me to say yes.

However, I provide excellent customer service, so much of my income comes from tips.

Depending on which area you live in Atlanta, $1,000 a week is very doable, given the current cost of living.

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Alternatives To Driving for Uber in Atlanta

Uber in Atlanta is just one of the options you have to make money. I’ve already discussed how I work for both Uber and Lyft, but if rideshare isn’t your thing, there are other apps too, including the following.

Is Driving for Uber in Atlanta Worth It?

Atlanta is a great place to make money driving for Uber, but you must be strategic. You shouldn’t just throw the Uber app on and sit and wait for rides. It’s not worth your time.

But, if you are selective like me and only take rides that pay $2 a mile, it will be worth your time. The key is to work only when it’s busy, during the times I mentioned, and to avoid sitting and waiting.

You lose money by sitting and waiting. Don’t sit in the airport queue; you could wait 2.5 hours or more for a ride. Again, it’s not worth it.

But, if you have rides back to back and can make $20 or more per trip, working a few hours in the morning and again at night, you’ll make decent money driving for Uber.