Uber Pauses Driver Referrals, Still Hiring for Uber Eats

One way many drivers make extra money is referring other drivers or delivery couriers. In light of everything going on right now, many referral programs are being cut and drivers are not getting paid for referring friends and acquaintances for delivery jobs.

However, does this mean that all companies are no longer accepting drivers and couriers? Not necessarily!

Below, we’ll cover what’s going on with some referral programs and the status of some of the most popular delivery companies.

Statement About Uber’s Referral Program

One referral program being cut for driver and delivery referrals? Uber’s! Uber sent out this statement confirming the changes.

“Given the challenges facing our business and recent declines in trips for drivers, we are going to stop paying people to refer new drivers to Uber. Incentivizing people to sign up new drivers when there are fewer trips available isn’t in drivers’ interest, especially when less than 3% of active drivers have used this program in the last month.

These decisions are not made lightly, but if we are going to prioritize the core parts of our business and protect opportunities for drivers, this is the prudent and right thing to do.”

It makes sense that drivers have been referring less, particularly in the last month. Very few people are driving, let alone recommending driving to other people.

While many temporary changes are being put in place, it’s important for drivers to shift their focus to other income options, like the best gig jobs we recommend here.

That said, if you’re wondering which other gig economy apps have slowed down or are still hiring at this time, keep reading for a quick rundown.

Is Uber Eats Still Hiring?

With more people staying at home, food delivery apps are becoming more and more popular. In fact, companies like Uber and Doordash are also waving delivery fees which is enticing customers even more to order food from local restaurants.

Uber Eats offer a quick way to earn money during this time especially since you can cash out your earnings as often as 5 times per day.

Want to get started with Uber Eats? Make sure to read our Top Tips for Uber Eats drivers, then sign up here.

Is Instacart Still Hiring?

People still need to buy groceries during this time, so apps like Instacart are the most popular option right now. Instacart hires ‘Shoppers’ to pick up items from the store and deliver them to customers.

Shoppers pick their shifts in advance so you know that you’ll receive orders during your scheduled time to work. In the past, Instacart has had waiting lists for applicants in certain areas. However, it looks like they’re actively looking to add new shoppers given the higher demand that the app is receiving.

Just the other day, I received an email letting me know that I was off the waiting list and could download the Shopper app. I had been on the waiting list for a few months now so if you’ve been wanting to get on Instacart, now may be one of the best times to sign up.

Learn more about Instacart shopper pay and our top tips to maximize your Instacart earnings.

Is DoorDash Still Hiring?

DoorDash is another food delivery app that is doing well right now. Drivers earn a minimum base rate per delivery and also get to get 100% of their tips. Depending on your area, you may be able to earn $15 per hour or more.

I’m signed up in the Chicago area and in recent weeks the area map has always been red during most times of the day, which is a good thing.

You can schedule shifts in advance with DoorDash or you can go online whenever the map is red in your area. A red map means lots of food orders are coming through!

Learn how to get started with DoorDash below, and sign up to become a DoorDash courier here. The only issue we’ve heard so far is that Doordash is limiting applications in some cities and putting drivers on a waiting list due to a spike in new applications.

So your best bet is to sign up ASAP (just in case you need them down the road) and if your city already has a waiting list for Doordash, look to one of the other delivery services.

Is Postmates Still Hiring?

While Postmates did recently tell their affiliates that they’d be vastly reducing payouts for driver referrals, they are still hiring delivery drivers and it only takes 5 minutes to sign up.

If you refer a Postmates driver, you won’t get as much of a referral bonus as before, but your referral will still be able to deliver with Postmates.

What’s nice is that a lot of delivery services are offering a contactless-delivery option so you won’t really have much interaction with customers, making delivery a great way to protect yourself and others during this time.

Get started with Postmates here, and watch the video below to see how to get started as a Postmates courier.


Is Amazon Flex Still Hiring?

Amazon Flex allows you to earn money by delivering Amazon packages to customers with your own vehicle. Delivery drivers can earn anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour on average. While Amazon Flex seems like a good opportunity right now, they do have some limits on hiring.

On their site, it says that they are only actively hiring delivery drivers in two select cities.

You can still download the app, select your availability, and join the waiting list so you can be notified when other opportunities open up.

One area where Amazon is hiring right now is warehouse and shopper jobs. Positions are available for warehouse team members throughout the country as well as in-store shoppers. Amazon has partnered with Whole Foods to offer a grocery shopping and delivery service similar to Instacart.

Amazon is actively hiring in this area and will get you started in as little as 7 days. Starting pay is normally $15 per hour, but they’ve added an extra $2 per hour through 4/30/2020.

3 Tips for Drivers Wanting to Do Delivery

1) Be Proactive and Sign Up ASAP

As you can see, there is still time to sign up for different delivery apps if you’re looking to earn some money. Some states have a shelter in place orders while others have not made this decision yet.

By being proactive, you can sign up for a delivery app and get set up before lots of other people consider this option. Take a look at the top delivery jobs for drivers, or this list of the best gig jobs.

2) Comply With the CDC’s Guidelines

Safety is always a priority, but it’s very important that everyone follow the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing and proper handwashing at this time – even if you’re doing work for an essential delivery app. Take advantage of many of the contactless delivery options that have been put in place and continually wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.

Last month I even received a notification from DoorDash that they’d be providing free hand sanitizer and gloves to delivery workers in certain areas.

3) Create a Schedule That Maximizes Earnings

Like with any delivery app, it’s important to create a schedule and choose a strategy that allows you to work during the busiest times on the app. If you have to schedule hours in advance like with Instacart, make sure you set a reminder to reserve your shifts early on so you get first pickings.

Another thing you can do is take advantage of bonuses that may be offered through the app. For instance, DoorDash offers bonuses and incentives during busy times.

While some programs are paused or have a waiting list right now, there are still ways to earn money flexibly in the gig economy. The government is working on providing some solutions, but it also helps to weigh all your options and have a few backup plans lined up.

Readers, are you currently driving for any delivery companies? What has your experience been like?

-Chonce @ RSG