Uber Breaks Away From Transportation Image With Uber Works App

By now, we all know Uber is more than just a ridesharing company, but did you know Uber has also branched out into temporary jobs? It’s called Uber Works, and below senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins breaks down what Uber Works is and where you can find an Uber Works near you.

In a move to show Uber is more than just for transportation, the rideshare company has created an app to help businesses find workers and workers find temporary and seasonal work. Let’s do a dive into what Uber Works is, where it’s available and how it works.

What Exactly is Uber Works?

It is an app for businesses and workers. It connects workers with businesses that are offering short-term jobs in a variety of areas such as general labor, warehouse, front of house, back of house, customer service and more.

As a worker, looking for part-time or seasonal work, you download the app. Right now, it takes you to a contact link where you fill out your information. It’s in very limited locations at the moment, but if you fill out the form, it’ll help them see where to roll out services next based on demand.

It has nothing to do with Uber the rideshare platform. You are not employed through Uber. You would just be utilizing their technology to find part-time work in your area. You’d be paid by the business that you find work at. The pay rate is determined by that company, and you’ll be able to see the hourly rate before choosing your shift.

uber works
Find what’s available, how much they pay and claim it for yourself

As a worker, you’re expected to complete an I-9 form, undergo a background check, and pass a skills assessment test before adding specialized roles to your profile. You won’t be able to take the shift of jobs that you’re not qualified for. Here’s how it looks from the business perspective:

uber works

As you can see, you’ll be able to rate the job and the business can rate you. Learn more about guidelines here and what to do if you feel you’ve been unfairly deactivated by a business.

Where is Uber Works Available?

Right now, it’s only available in the Chicago area, but they are expanding to Miami next and have plans to continue expanding to other locations throughout 2020. Fill out the interest form to be informed when it comes to your area.

Is Uber Works a Temp Agency? Are There Benefits?

Yes and no. When it launched, the program was sourcing its workers from traditional temp agencies, but Uber is looking to start recruiting from its driver pool, thereby acting as a sort of temp agency itself.

Just as a traditional temp agency, using the Uber Works app will help you find work from food prep to commercial cleaning to retail positions and more.

Since Uber Works does not employ you, they do not offer benefits for the available positions. The biggest “benefit” is the two-way rating system. Much like with their driving apps, you can rate your experience with a business and the business can rate your work.

Another benefit is keeping your own schedule. You find shifts that work for you. You claim the shift, show up, do the work, and at the end of the day you submit your hours and get paid for the work you did. It didn’t mention how long it would take you to receive payment, just that it would be timely.

So, it doesn’t sound like Uber rideshare driving in that you can cash out at any time after earning anything. This would be closer to receiving pay on a schedule like with any other part-time or temp job.

In an article Uber published on their website, it states, “Uber Works app users can get detailed information about shifts they’re interested in, including information about gross pay, work location and skills, or required attire. Uber Works also serves as a one-stop-shop for all time-tracking needs, allowing users to clock in and out and log breaks.

“Uber Works helps ensure timely payments to workers and provides more transparency and opportunities for feedback in the marketplace. We believe technology can help workers feel more confident and empowered when it comes to finding shifts, and we are excited by the potential to build technology that can reduce the pain points workers experience each day.”

My Thoughts on Uber Works

Overall, I think it’s a great concept. It might help bridge the unemployment gap and allow people with skills to find jobs that suit their schedules and styles.

However, I think the fact that Uber is doing this while stating they are expanding technology, it really just sounds like they are doing everything they can to build up arguments for themselves for future lawsuits that come out of the Uber rideshare side of things.

What do I mean by this? I mean with AB5 in California, and other lawsuits all over the country that are based on the fact that Uber is a transportation company and mislabeling their employees as independent contractors, those arguments will be thinner with Uber having this technology-based app as part of their mainstream services.

This gives Uber more power to say their drivers are not the main focus of their business and that they are a technology-based, not transportation-based, company. With this kind of a move, Uber is setting themselves up to be able to fight against all those employee vs independent contractor claims, giving less power to the drivers who helped build their business in the first place.

Readers, what do you think of Uber Works? Would you sign up with them?

-Paula @ RSG