Uber Tests Driver Feedback Program Called UberListen

Driver feedback programs: they always start off promising, but do they actually do anything to improve things for drivers? Uber sure hopes so with UberListen! RSG contributor Chonce Maddox-Rhea shares everything she has learned about UberListen and what you need to know if you see it pop up on your driver screen. 

Have you ever wanted to tell Uber exactly what was on your mind during or right after a trip? As a driver, you will have lots of experiences and feedback that would be useful if shared.

Now, Uber is rolling out a new opportunity that proves they want to listen to drivers’ suggestions and perhaps act on them. In addition to this, you can actually get paid to share your thoughts and opinions through the new UberListen program.

UberListen will be widely available to drivers in cities across the U.S. and Canada. Here’s what you can expect from this pilot program if you come across it as a driver.

Quick Summary: 

  • Get paid for your feedback with the UberListen program.
  • You can participate when a request pops up in your app.
  • Be a voice for Uber drivers everywhere by answering 2-3 questions on an UberListen ride.

What Is UberListen?

Just as the program sounds, UberListen allows Uber to listen to the feedback and suggestions from active drivers. During an UberListen ride, employees will ask you about your experience, including challenges, priorities, and other topics you wish to bring to the forefront.

This feedback is then shared with teams at Uber so the company can work toward building better features based on your insights and what’s most important to drivers.

How is UberListen Different From Previous ‘Driver Feedback’ Programs?

If you’re feeling a little deja vu, you’re not alone! As of just recently, there have been two programs designed to get driver feedback:

  • Your Feedback, Our Action – apparently Uber listened to those driver surveys and announced a variety of changes to the driver app
  • Uber Crew – a highly touted but seemingly difficult to access program designed to connect driver ‘experts’ with other drivers to listen to their concerns and complaints, then take that info back to Uber for… hopefully a resolution?

And let’s not forget the long-ago Uber Driver Advisory Forum, which former RSG contributor Christian Perea attended in person!

Where have these programs all gone? Uber’s DAF no longer exists, but Uber driver surveys and Uber Crew still exist (for now). How are they working? We’re not really sure, as Uber seemingly takes the information drivers share and… does something with it… which we’ll find out months later, if ever.

But let’s give UberListen the benefit of the doubt, right? Since these will be Uber employees in the car with drivers, maybe something will get done immediately!

How UberListen Works and Payment

Not every driver will experience UberListen trips, as it is currently a pilot program.

However, when you do have the option to participate, it will be optional and show up in the app as an ‘UberListen ride request’. This means instead of picking up a passenger, you’ll pick up an Uber employee and they’ll ask you questions during the ride.

Be sure to give your honest opinion while providing any suggestions or feedback you can think of. The idea behind this experience is to help Uber understand things more from a driver’s perspective and this is all done in a one-on-one setting without interrupting any of your work.

Drivers who provide feedback during an UberListen ride will earn $25 for their time. This amount is paid out to them within two weeks.

When Is It Available?

The UberListen program should be available in select markets soon, although Uber has not announced them yet. If you’re an active driver and this launches in your area, you’ll start to see UberListen trip requests come in soon.

UberListen will likely be available in California, New York, and other major hub cities to start. Uber also has offices in Dallas, Chicago, and Seattle where employees could start requesting UberListen trips.

UberListen was available a few years ago, so it seems like the company is relaunching a new and improved experience. In the past, drivers weren’t compensated and only received Uber swag such as T-shirts, pens, etc.

This time around, it’s nice to know that Uber is paying drivers for their time which is a bigger incentive to accept UberListen trips over a passenger trip request.

How Long Are UberListen Rides? 

UberListen rides are designed to be short but can vary depending on your area. Some rides are as short as 10 minutes and won’t take much of your time.

The Uber employee may only ask two to three questions and record your feedback so it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming experience such as a focus group.

Can Driver Feedback Make a Difference? 

Driver feedback is so important for Uber to continue improving its processes and opportunities for drivers. It’s nice to have platforms and social groups where drivers can connect, share stories, exchange strategies, and even vent. However, if the problems or obstacles you have don’t ever get solved or addressed, this can create bigger long-term problems.

I hope that Uber will take what drivers say into consideration and that we’d start to see new systems and improved processes from these UberListen experiences.

Would you accept an UberListen ride if it showed up on the app in the next few weeks? If yes, what would you say or what feedback would you give the Uber employee?

-Chonce @ RSG