Weekly Round-Up: Dasher Charged in Stealing Packages Off Porches

This week, our top story is about a Dasher who was arrested for stealing packages off of porches. We also cover Uber’s partnership with JetBlue and how they’re latest offering has drivers pick up packages and take them to UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Let’s dive in.

New York DoorDash Driver Charged After Allegedly Using Food Delivery To Steal Packages Off Porches


A DoorDash driver in New York was arrested Wednesday after police said she used the delivery of a food order to conceal the theft of a package in two separate instances.

Juliana Saggaram, 33, of Queens, is charged with two counts of petit larceny stemming from packages reported stolen on Sunday, Sept. 3rd, according to the Nassau County Police Department.

Juliana Saggaram mugshot
Juliana Saggaram's mugshot.

The department released doorbell camera footage from one of the instances, which allegedly shows Saggaram walking up to a house with a food order in her hand.

Instead of leaving the bag of food, she can be seen taking a package off the porch and walking back to her car with both items in tow. She then enters a car parked near the driveway of the home and flees the scene.

My Take

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Also, in this day and age, always assume you’re being filmed. It boggles my mind that people think they can get away with stealing off people’s porches when Ring and other devices are filming. Maybe the alleged thieves don’t realize that these devices record whenever they sense movement, not just when someone rings the doorbell.

If you’re a delivery driver (or anyone for that matter), don’t try stealing people’s packages. You are being watched, filmed, and seen. It can’t be worth it.

JetBlue, Uber Partnership Gives Rideshare Vouchers During Some Delays And Cancellations


JetBlue customers whose flights are delayed have a new option for getting on their way thanks to a partnership with Uber for Business that entitles them to rideshare vouchers.

JetBlue partners with Uber to provide delayed customers with rideshare vouchers
JetBlue partners with Uber to provide delayed customers with rideshare vouchers.

“We always work to give our customers a great onboard experience and get them to their destination safely and on time,” Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer at JetBlue, said in a statement.

“Sometimes travel doesn’t go as planned, and flights can get delayed or canceled. In those cases, when the disruption is due to something in our control, our partnership with Uber for Business will make options for our customers more seamless.”

When a flight is delayed for a qualifying reason, passengers will automatically receive an Uber voucher.

My Take

It’s actually pretty slick that passengers will automatically get an Uber voucher, making it as simple and straightforward as possible. I’m used to hearing that customers have to run through a bunch of hoops trying to get any deal promised to them. This is a great deal.

Of course, there are some limitations. If it’s only delayed an hour or so, it’s not going to count because you couldn’t leave, come back, and go through security within that time period.

So, it’ll only be available if the flight is delayed at least 3 hours or canceled and only if JetBlue is unable to accommodate the passenger until the next day. And only if it was a controllable issue by the airlines. So, if there’s a storm that delays the flight, it wouldn’t necessarily count because the airline cannot control nature.

Uber Will Now Pick Up Your Packages And Take Them To UPS, FedEx Or USPS


Uber announced Wednesday it’s now offering return package shipping through mail carriers through its Uber and Uber Eats apps.

Showing Uber's new return package shipping offering

The apps, traditionally used for ride-hailing and food delivery services, now offer the “return a package” feature, which allows customers to send up to five packages at a time for a $5 flat fee or $3 for Uber One members. Drivers will pick up the packages and drop them off at UPS, FedEx or USPS.

“Return a package” is available in dozens of major metro areas across the country and will exist in addition to the Uber Connect program, which launched in 2020 as a same-day delivery option for customers to send packages to and from local destinations.

Packages that are shipped through Uber Connect must be prepaid, sealed, and ready to be shipped. Additionally, packages must weigh less than 30 pounds and be under $100 in value. Uber’s shipping guidelines prohibit the delivery of some items, such as money, gift cards, and fragile items.

My Take

In my opinion, this move makes sense. Uber already has drivers to deliver people, food, and necessities. Why not add package shuffling to the mix?

Well, some drivers are not excited about package delivery, or at least they haven’t in the past, because they feel like drug mules when delivering packages for customers from one location to the next. At least with this, they’ll be taking the package to a legitimate business that tackles deliveries as well instead of a random drop-off that may seem sketchy.

Austin Man Takes To Social Media After His Cat Was Reportedly Nabbed By His Lyft Driver


After a Lyft driver nabbed Palash Pandey’s cat Saturday afternoon, he turned to the internet for help. The pair have since been reunited, but not without struggle.

It all started when the Austin resident ordered a Lyft to take his cat, Tux, to the vet. As he made his way around the vehicle to grab Tux, who was located on the passenger side, the driver took off.

Pandey called and messaged the driver on the Lyft app numerous times but didn’t receive a response until a couple of hours later when the driver claimed he didn’t have the cat.

My Take

Please take the time to read the entire article. It is a wild ride. The good news is that the owner found their cat once more. If the driver is responsible for dumping the cat, they need to face consequences, and I would say more than just not being allowed to drive on the platform anymore.

This was someone’s beloved pet that ended up on the street covered in fleas and dehydrated. They should face consequences for stealing and dumping the cat.

Maybe next time, the passenger should say something like, “Hang on a minute, please, I still have to get my cat from the other side of the vehicle,” to help prevent the driver from just taking off as soon as the door is closed. Or something.

This is another reason why it’s important for drivers to take the time to take a quick look at their backseats before driving away from their drop-off. I know we’re all in it to make more money, and time is money, but making sure your passenger has their pet with them before you drive off is kind of a big deal.

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