What is Wridz?: Driver App Review

Did you know there’s a new rideshare company that allows drivers to keep 100% of their fare? Learn more about the subscription-based rideshare company called Wridz. RSG contributor Kate Hornsby covers what Wridz is, where it’s available and how it differs from the rideshare companies you already know about. 

New rideshare companies like Wridz are looking to make a splash and set themselves apart from the main pack of Uber and Lyft. See how Wridz differs from the “standard” rideshare platform in this Wridz review below.

Quick Summary: 

  • Wridz rideshare app is a subscription service where drivers keep 100% of the fare.
  • Sign up online and schedule an in-person interview to join.
  • Individual QR codes help ensure driver and passenger safety
  • Wridz is available in Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina with plans for more expansion

What is Wridz?

Wridz is an up-and-coming rideshare company based out of Texas. Wridz is legit – we checked out their TNC permits in Texas and Ohio, and they are licensed.

In the video below, you can learn more about what Wridz is, how it works, driver pay, and more.

In this Welcome Video from Wridz. The company explains how paying a subscription fee allows drivers to earn 100% of the fare they collect. The company also explains how they keep both drivers and passengers safe. 

Like most rideshare companies, drivers are considered independent contractors when they drive with Wridz. However, drivers pay a monthly subscription fee to drive in the regions they want to participate in. This allows drivers to collect 100% of the fare. The fee varies by market but is $100 per month in most areas, according to a Wridz spokesperson.

For passengers, Wridz has options available such as Standard (1-3 passengers) or Extra (1-5 passengers).

Where is Wridz Available?

Currently, Wridz is available in select cities in Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

As of July 2022, they are in the process of expanding into Illinois, and there are plans to operate in: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada.

The company also states that they are currently signing up drivers in Kansas and Missouri.

How to Sign Up

Drivers can start the signup process by applying on the Wridz website or through the driver sign-up wizard.

To apply as a driver, you’ll need to provide:

  • Photo of your driver’s license
  • Copy of your vehicle insurance card
  • Photo of your vehicle
  • Credit card for the background check
  • Bank account information for depositing your pay

In addition, you’ll need to:

  • Go through a background check
  • Tell the company about yourself and your vehicle
  • Schedule an in-person interview with your vehicle.

You’ll also submit to a drug test and pay a small, one-time fee for your welcome kit.

See how you’ll receive trips in the Wridz app before signing up:

How Much Do Drivers Earn with Wridz?

The amount of pay drivers can earn varies since it depends on the length and time of each trip.

Unlike Uber and Lyft, where drivers make a percentage of the amount a passenger pays for each trip, however, Wridz drivers get to keep almost 100% of the amount the passenger pays. This includes the booking fee, base fare, miles charge, minutes charge, fuel surcharge, and tips.

Drivers also get to keep any PERKs that are paid. A PERK is a bonus passengers can add to entice a driver to accept a trip.

The only part of the payment a driver doesn’t get to keep is the credit card processing fee (paid directly to the credit card company), a small per-mile insurance fee (which goes directly to the insurer), and any airport fees (paid directly to the airport).

In exchange for keeping the majority of the fare, drivers pay a monthly subscription fee instead. This amount varies, depending on the market, but you can typically expect to pay about $100 in most areas.

According to an Austin-based user on Reddit, Wridz drivers can potentially earn about a 30 to 50 percent increase in pay compared to what they would earn with Uber and Lyft after the fees are taken out. You would, of course, have to have a significant number of passengers each month to offset the cost of the monthly subscription. Still, if the company gains traction in some of the more heavily populated areas across the country, this could make the monthly cost worthwhile.

Safety Concerns

Wridz understands that safety is paramount. They have a unique system for identifying drivers and passengers to ensure the rides are being taken and given by the correct person.

Each driver has a unique identification placard in their vehicle. The passengers scan the driver’s QR code to confirm they are in the correct vehicle before the ride begins.

What Are People Saying About Wridz?

On the Apple app store, Wridz has a 3.9 star rating with a total of 26 ratings. Here are a few of the 5-star reviews:

“Great app definitely best rideshare app I have used.”

  • hunter0718

“IF I COULD GIVE IT 10 STARS… THE BEST!! Finally someone who cares about the drivers!! 100% of the fare and tips!!! I’m going to tell all my friends and other drivers..Thank you guys!!”

  • BigJCajuna

“Absolutely exceptional. Driver was 5 minutes early, provided water, and had a fire aux cord. I use wridez over Uber whenever I get the chance for their comparable fares and overall better quality drivers. I would highly recommend to try it out to everyone.”

  • Yahboiiglen

Insurance for Wridz Drivers

Wridz does provide insurance for its drivers, and the company states that the insurance meets or exceeds state requirements in each region. However, this insurance is only active from when a trip request is accepted until the end of the trip.

Although the company does provide insurance during your trip, Wridz requires drivers to carry an insurance rider that covers any incidents that may occur before the trip request is accepted. It is important to note that when a rideshare company offers insurance like this, it is typically a limited coverage insurance policy, and the amount of coverage offered may not fully meet your individual insurance needs.

Find a knowledgeable rideshare insurance company here: Rideshare Insurance for Rideshare Drivers

We suggest talking to your insurance agent or an insurance company specializing in rideshare insurance to find out if you need special insurance or a commercial insurance policy to ensure you are fully covered if you are in an accident.

Takeaways for Drivers

If you’re in one of the areas where Wridz offers service and looking for another side gig to add to your routine, consider Wridz. You can pause your subscription to the region of your choice at any time, so if it’s too slow for you or you’re planning a vacation, you don’t have to worry about paying for the subscription when you’re not going to utilize it.

Will you join the Wridz revolution? Share your thoughts! 

-Kate @ RSG