Amuse Marijuana Delivery Driver Review

Cannabis has been legalized in several states now, so naturally, delivery of the products is a logical next step. That’s where delivery drivers like you come into play as an Amuse marijuana delivery driver.

Below, senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins will go through what becoming an Amuse delivery driver could look like and how it differs from your average delivery service.

What is Amuse?

amuse cannabis deliveryAmuse is located in California and is a weed delivery service. Their top products include weed, edibles, concentrates, vapes and more.

They deliver in and around the Los Angeles area, but to know for certain if they deliver to your area, type in your address and they will let you know if they can deliver to you.

It’s geared toward recreational cannabis users and allows for easy online shopping and delivery to your door.

On their website, they state, “If you want to relax and enjoy a quiet evening after work with some pre-rolls or have a relaxing bath with some of our topical products, the best weed delivery service in LA will make it possible. With our delicious selection of edibles, you’ll have plenty to explore and enjoy.”

Amuse Weed Delivery: Where Does Amuse Cannabis Deliver?

Amuse delivers to Los Angeles and some of the surrounding areas, such as Santa Monica, Burbank, and Long Beach.

When you sign up as a delivery driver for Amuse, you will apply for a specific area, such as Lynwood, CA. This would indicate the depot location where you’ll be picking up your orders from in order to make your deliveries.

Becoming an Amuse Delivery Driver

amuse cannabis deliveryIf you’re familiar with becoming a driver for eaze (also a weed delivery company), then nothing in the process for Amuse should surprise you.

Ideal candidates for Amuse drivers are “dependable, polite, people-oriented, and adaptable/flexible as well as thrives in a high-pressure environment.” If this doesn’t describe you, then you might want to pass on becoming an Amuse driver.

You must also be at least 21 years old, have 1 or more years of delivery service under your belt, have a valid license and clean driving record among other things. As a delivery driver, Amuse requires that you have at least $100,000 coverage in car insurance (bodily injury and property damage).

It is salaried (hourly pay), not a contract position. You’ll receive weekly pay, an employee discount and mileage compensation. You’ll also have benefits like medical, dental and vision.

From our experience driving with eaze, and from salaries reported at Indeed, Amuse delivery drivers can expect to earn around $15-16 per hour.

Amuse Promo Code/Coupon

As of right now, there is no Amuse promo code or coupon, but you can purchase from Amuse using RSG’s referral link here.

Additionally, you can follow Amuse’s Instagram account here for any promo code news.

Amuse Marijuana Funding

Amuse is a privately held company. It has raised $12 million in Series A capital and was funded by the cannabis industry private equity firm Gotham Green Partners.

Amuse Cannabis Delivery Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, customers can have weed edibles, marijuana flowers, cannabis pre-rolls, weed concentrates and cannabis vape delivered. When ordering for delivery, there is a $40 minimum purchase.

amuse cannabis deliveryAmuse vs Eaze

At the surface, it seems like there’s not much to differentiate Amuse and eaze. Both companies allow tipping. For Amuse, tipping is either in cash or via Venmo.

As a driver for Amuse, it appears to mostly be a full-time position. One difference I can see between the two is that it doesn’t look like eaze offers an employee discount like Amuse does.  Depending on how much you like marijuana, this employee discount could be worth it – or not! Just something to keep in mind.

The application to apply for Amuse is very simple and straightforward. You fill out your basic information and then have the opportunity to provide links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or GitHub accounts as well as an option to provide your portfolio link or another website link that you think would be helpful for you. You’ll also be asked to attach your resume or CV.

From there, you’ll be asked simple questions about the age of your vehicle and if you have the required insurance or if you’re willing to increase your coverage (up to the $100,000 coverage in car insurance as required) if offered the position of driver for Amuse.

Both Amuse and eaze pay for mileage reimbursement. It’s clear on the Amuse website that drivers are offered medical and dental benefits. It’s not as apparent on the eaze site if they offer those benefits to their drivers.


Overall, it seems as though Amuse is more straightforward about what it offers delivery drivers, plus there is the employee discount for Amuse drivers (if you choose to partake).

Amuse does require you to carry a certain amount of your own car insurance ($100,000 bodily injury and property), and you must have at least 1 year of delivery service. If you don’t want to receive cash tips, Amuse lets you accept tips via Venmo, which would personally make me feel better than accepting cash.

Overall, if you drive in the LA area and are interested in a new type of delivery experience, plus don’t mind being a W-2 worker, Amuse is an excellent option. Let us know if you would try out something like Amuse if it was offered in your city!

-Paula @ RSG