Following up on his popular article on the future of weed delivery, we sent senior RSG contributor Dash Bridges to go sign up to deliver weed. What is the sign up process like at eaze, a marijuana delivery company based out of California? Dash tackles this question and answers some of yours below.

    In my previous article about the legal status of marijuana, I mentioned that there were a number of delivery services popping up for this segment. None as big as DoorDash/Postmates/etc., but they’re out there. Here in California, a state that has full legalization, the market is as robust as anywhere, and it presents a variety of opportunities.

    New Lyft Driver - Earn 1500:week

    Naturally, I went ahead and applied to become a driver for one of the companies because…well, because apparently this is what I do! After all, the opportunity may resolve my recent delivery concerns that 1. I’ve topped out on my DoorDash earnings ability, and 2. I’d like the challenge of delivering something requiring more responsibility. Maybe cannabis delivery is the answer. Delivering a more valuable product should, in theory, merit better pay.

    Getting Started with Weed Delivery

    In mid-June I was Dashing when I saw a man with a white bag searching around the same condo complex (we can spot our delivery brothers in the field). After explaining the building layout, I noticed his white eaze (eaze isn’t capitalized) bag and asked him if he enjoyed the service. He said he was making good money really liked it, and that they needed drivers. Sweet!

    Not long after, I went to to look for the opportunities.

    image of Signing up with Eaze

    Signing up with Eaze

    Sure enough, there was a link at the bottom of the home page to apply and become a driver.

    image of Becoming an eaze driver

    Becoming an eaze driver

    Before I could apply, though, I had to sign up for the site as a customer.

    Ohhhh, kay. I signed up as a customer at eaze. No obligation, just created a free account. It was a little odd because I don’t use, but fine.

    Shortly after, I received an email with instructions on how to verify both my customer account and submit my initial application. It told me to upload my government-issued ID for the regular site access as well as to upload my necessary information to a separate link to continue my application. Basically, I just started answering and uploading information left and right.

    What Do You Need to Sign Up and Deliver Marijuana?

    Eaze asked me the usual questions I’d get from a delivery position, including age, type of vehicle, type of phone, driver’s license photo, car registration, etc.

    images of The eaze sign up process

    The eaze sign up process

    more images of The eaze sign up process continued

    The eaze sign up process continued

    images of Finally completed the eaze sign up process!

    Finally completed the eaze sign up process!

    As soon as I finished I received this verification text.

    image of Verification text from eaze

    Verification text from eaze

    Hey! This is going great!

    After not hearing anything for a surprisingly-long four days, I sent a text back to the thread. Surprisingly, the account is actually monitored, a rare treat in the mobile-app delivery world. I received a message back just a few moments later:

    image of Texting eaze

    Texting eaze

    No prob. I’ll just chill, and wait.

    And wait…..

    And wait….

    And wait….

    And wait…..

    And then FINALLY, over five weeks since I submitted an application, I received a text from eaze with links for interview slots. At that time I was in the middle of a Dash, and took exactly 18 minutes to click through to the link. I got:

    image of No delivery slots for eaze

    Trying to deliver with eaze (not so eaze-y)

    NOOOOOOOOOOO. I got shut out because I didn’t act quickly enough! What a disappointment!

    Thankfully, I received a similar text the next morning and IMMEDIATELY clicked the link. This time I had several 15-minute phone interview slots available, including one within an hour. I took it.

    (A real feast-or-famine experience so far!)

    The Interview Process for Becoming a Weed Courier

    This is the first time in five delivery jobs that I’ve interviewed with a person one-on-one. Of course, I then went into review mode, dusting off familiar versions of standard interview answers, including “I’m very conscious of a good customer experience. For example….” and “Indeed, I believe the extent of my experience in the app-based delivery merits strong consideration…”

    Right at the scheduled time, the HR Director called. After a few pleasantries, she got right to it.

    “Can you make change in cash?”

    “Um, what?” and then to myself, “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!? I’m getting these kinds of questions for a job interview? What…what am I doing with my life?” and then in my spoken voice, “Oh, of course. No problem.”

    “I know. Well, we have to ask these questions, because you will handle cash transactions.” (I will? That’s new to my delivery experience.)

    After a few more questions, the interviewer seemed satisfied that I grasped the basic concepts of the job responsibilities and could fulfill them. She asked me to come in for a sit down (!) interview with the VP of Production.

    The next day I arrived at the eaze hub. This South Bay eaze outpost is located on site with a marijuana production facility called Caliva. Caliva makes their own products, carries other dispensary products and fulfills them. Eaze, being the delivery component, has its drivers meet there to start shifts and pick up product. They are totally separate entities, but (obviously) close partners.

    The VP of Production brought me into his office and described his own job overseeing the production crew. Above his desk was an enormous screen showing video feeds of several workstations around the facility. Caliva has dozens of employees wearing manufacturing-appropriate uniforms, performing all types of production jobs. It looked like any factory that adheres to certain safety and production standards. This one just happened to feature cannabis.

    Are Weed Couriers Independent Contractors, Employees – or Both?

    After some common interview questions and answers, he alerted me that this job is unlike other delivery jobs for several reasons. First of all, I’m a W-2 employee, not an independent contractor. That’s right, I’m on the payroll!

    Secondly, I’m not an eaze employee. I’m an employee of a staffing company that supplies the drivers FOR eaze. Also, shifts are much more disciplined than on other delivery apps. While I can set my availability, within that, I’m given specific shifts in which I’m expected to arrive on time. And if I can’t make a shift, I need to find someone else to cover. This is NOT loosey-goosey, drive when you want to drive type stuff. Finally, drivers are paid hourly, and because we’re using our own cars, the company is obligated to reimburse us $0.54 per mile driving while on the clock.

    And with that, he offered me a job at $15.00/hr. In addition to base pay, with eaze, you are also reimbursed for mileage (current IRS mileage rates) and you get to keep 100% of your tips.

    As you can imagine, a newly legalized, controlled substance needs a lot more handling certification than other product deliveries. Shortly after my hire, HR contacted me with a schedule for my various badge and orientation appointments.

    Following Tuesday:

    2:15 – Meet at staffing company (separate location in San Jose). Complete variety of new hire paperwork.

    3:00 – Visit San Jose police department to get photographed and fingerprinted.

    I drove to the SJPD and entered the building that included the fingerprinting unit. As instructed, I requested a specific contact, who then let me through the secured door. First I put my fingers on a scanner to get my fingerprints uploaded. Then I was photographed. It was very clinical. She had clearly completed this process many, many times for this type of certification.

    Also, my fingerprints are now in the system…even more incentive to avoid a life of crime.


    9:00 – Group training re: equipment and policies with the shift manager.

    10:15 – Visit SJPD location for vehicle inspection and review.

    I was one of two new hires shown a long list of eaze-owned items that must go in the car on each shift. First, we were given a mileage tracker that fits into the multi-pin plug below the steering wheel. Then we received a small video camera that suctions onto the windshield and plugs into the 12V outlet in the car. As for the marijuana product itself, it is to be placed safely in the back of the car. For security purposes, I won’t say exactly how they’re secured.

    However, for both legal and practical safety purposes, I can assure you deliveries and not simply thrown in a bag like a Postmates order. Finally, a list of papers including a copy of my driver’s license, car registration, insurance, eaze driver number and staffing documentation is always in a plastic bag in the car at all times. Finally, I’m required to wear my bright pink lanyard and eaze badge at all times.

    image of Mileage tracker from eaze

    Mileage tracker from eaze

    image of Video camera from eaze

    Video camera from eaze

    The two of us plus the shift manager then visited a second SJPD location. Two plainclothes police officers reviewed each of our cars. As we set up the windshield camera, they explained that we need to ensure the wide-angle lens covers certain angles inside and outside the car…in the unlikely case someone approaches the vehicle.

    Additionally, if we’re stopped for a traffic violation while on duty, we are obligated to report the cannabis products in our vehicle (if asked) and then produce the aforementioned paperwork to prove our legitimacy. And regardless of what the cops asked us to do, we were strongly encouraged to comply and let the identification process play out. The instructions were a bit intimidating, but also made sense. Finally, they asked us to demonstrate locking and unlocking the product storage device.

    I was through my various onboarding appointments. I’m ready to get to work! For scheduling, I offered nighttime availability, so I was given a 6:00 – 10:30 shift two days later.

    OK, I’m a W-2 employee with specific shifts and two police department visits under my belt…I guess I’m all in. Let’s start delivering!

    Next time, I’ll describe the life of a marijuana delivery driver. Spoiler alert: we can’t keep the product when the customer doesn’t show.

    Drive safely, everyone!

    Readers, do you have any questions about delivering weed, either with eaze or with other companies? Let us know in the comments and your question may be answered in Dash’s next article!

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    -Dash @ RSG

    Dash Bridges

    Dash Bridges

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