6 Best Car Video Cameras According to Uber Drivers

A car video camera, or a dash cam, is the right tool you need when you want to videotape every second while on the road. With this gadget, you can get all corners covered, from the front windshield to rear windows. However, locating the right one for you is as tricky as picking a needle from a haystack.

Why? There are numerous dash cams on the market and each one has it’s own pros and cons. Hence, I’ve compiled a list of the six best car video cameras that are on Amazon for your enjoyment.

1. Apeman C450 Series A

The ‘Advanced’ (A in Apeman) is the first to make the best car video camera list. Being manufactured and created exclusively from the APEMAN series, this unit is a distinct dash cam with a full upgrade in quality and emphasized sensors.

Apeman producers integrated the best-developed concepts of designs culled from the internet, and world-class technologies to bring out dependable and practical dash cams.

This apeman also comes with a Suction Mount, car charger, mini USB cable, User Manual, and adhesive.

2. Dash cam Byakov

Byakov combines driving with style. It comes with 32gb micro SD card for heavy recordings. As a car owner, you don’t have to worry anymore about exorbitant rates on car repairs, malfunctioned night recording, and unstable mounting on dashboards. That is because the company has advanced their efforts in eradicating these defects on their latest design. As a bonus, the HD dash cam consists of durable, superior materials for a prolonged gadget life.

Also, this is a compactly sized dash cam that can withstand impact from rough terrains. It provides you with high-resolution HD images of 170° recording angle. The G sensor that comes with it will play a valuable tool for you during critical moments like a sudden crash.

Byakov dash cam also owns a loop recording feature, USP, and a quick and neat setup. You will get a one year warranty when you purchase this camera.

It requires an external electrical charge when in use.

3. YI

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is the best improved and leading visual detection algorithm. This architecture provides a guaranteed driving safety due to its real-time acute lane departure cautionary signals.

This stylish camera houses a Forward Collision Warnings camera that detects a vehicular gap in front to ensure more safety.

Another surprise for you is that it houses a High-end video programmer, carrying 1080p 60fps H.264 recording. YI owns G-Sensor technology which functions as an automatic storage visual in case you find yourself entangled in a crash or sudden impact. The whole scene will instantly load into the camera for reference purposes when you need to settle an insurance issue or similar cases.

YI is an outlandish range of 165° full-glass camera amplified to supervise three roads with ease. The camera works meticulously with optimum sensitivity.

In-built 2.7” TFT LCD Widescreen, friendly with iOS and Android. You now have no three best dash cam.

4. Aukey 1.5” Dash Cam

Aukey comes with an extreme-wide coverage that allows you to leverage its extended 170° orbit to capture all corners of the road. It also houses a crystal night-time videotaping attribute and efficient HDR functionalities all to give you a superb image quality during night driving.

Unlike other cameras, you can mount this one without anyone noticing. It takes its position behind the rear-view mirror, making it difficult to spot by others.

The Aukey dash cam comes with a zero-hour Video-taping Mode. What this does is capture any sudden incidents on the road. It does efficiently through coming on each time your car halts suddenly, or you swerve abruptly.

Aukey comes with 3M sticker setup, pins for cables, and a GPS Antenna. The cam recorder will actively keep track of what is occurring around you as long as your engine remains on.

Loop Recording Mode allows you to save new videos over the old ones on the SD card. The Aukey also comes with a car socket of 12/24V, 2-way USB car charger, and a heat-proof supercapacitor to keep your camera operative.

You get all this with a 2-year Warranty

5. Aukey 2” Dash Cam

This camera is like the big brother of the Aukey 1.5”. Its Crystal Night time videotaping aided by the big F/1.8 aperture alongside HDR guarantees sturdy functioning during night driving.

The company has provided you with two options of how you want it set up. You can either use the gum pad or absorption container to set it up either on the dashboard or rear-mirror. Like the sister above, this dash camera has the zero-hour video-taping mode that allows the cam to keep track of things when your car makes sudden moves.

The 2” Aukey has similar packages like its sister only that it comes with a bigger screen and a flexible mount up setting. So, you also get a 2-year warranty when you purchase this.

6. Accfly

Recording begins the moment you turn your engine on. When you turn it off, the video record saves and the camera rest. The affordable cam also comes with an internal g-sensor.

The Accfly is simple to install, very adjustable, and portable. This unit is sticky and firm enough to remain rooted to your dashboard even when you go through rugged terrains.

Final Words

These are the best six car video cameras you can rely on to protect you if you ever need evidence. However, consider quality when purchasing, instead of just price, to avoid wasting money on unbefitting gadgets. Drive safely and record away!