Best Gig Jobs & Delivery Apps To Work For

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Hi, I’m Harry Campbell, and for the past 5 years I’ve shown millions of Americans just like you how to get paid from honest gig jobs. But not all gig jobs are created equal, especially during these tough times we’re in. With the help of my team, we’ve gone out to test and review the top jobs that pay you fairly and are easy to start right away.

You can read each review below, but for those short on time, here are the results of our rankings.

🔥 #1. InstacartAbsolutely the hottest and easiest-to-get job right now. Hiring 300,000 workers. Expect to earn about $25 per hour. Our reader Chris earned $2,190 in just one week with Instacart! That came out to $37 per hour. Without a vehicle you can pick and pack groceries. Work at Kroger, Publix, Costco, Aldi, etc.  Get paid weekly. Click here to sign up for Instacart.

#2. Postmates – We’re seeing $20 per hour.  No car, no problem. You can do restaurant delivery on bike, scooter, or on foot. With a vehicle you can do grocery delivery from Walmart and more. You can cash out instantly, every day you drive. Click here to sign up for Postmates.

#3. Doordash – Our readers are reporting $25 per hour. Make all sorts of deliveries including McDonald’s and Chik-fil-A. Get paid weekly or or do an instant withdrawal for a small fee. Click here to sign up for Doordash.

#4. GoPuff – Deliver snacks, medicine, and more. Not available in all cities yet. Earn about $14 per hour. Sign-up for GoPuff as a back-up to your main gig. Sign up for GoPuff here.

#5. Rakuten Ebates – This one is outside the box. Get paid to promote online shopping discounts to your social media people, friends, and family.  It’s a great app that nets customers up to 10% off online shopping — which is basically the main kind of non-grocery shopping happening now.  You get paid $25 per activation.  Each person you refer gets a $10 credit.  It’s a sweet deal and we use it here. Sign up for Rakuten Ebates here.

Wondering what the best gig job is for your personality? Whether you’re outgoing and looking for something instead of Uber and Lyft, more introverted and looking for something with limited people-interacts, or somewhere in between, senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins has created the perfect quiz to help you figure it out.

There are some jobs that are more suited to you than others, and a lot of them can be determined by a few personality-based questions.

We put together a fun quiz that is aimed to help point you toward your next gig. Just answer a handful of questions to learn about different side hustles that might suit your personality as well as your availability.

After you take the quiz, come back and let us know your results and what you think in the comments! Do you already have that side hustle or will you consider trying it out?

Mini-Reviews and Best of the Rest

🔥 Instacart

Instacart is currently the best choice if you’re looking for a gig delivery job.

Our reader Chris in Minneapolis says he’s averaging at least $25 per hour with Instacart as a shopper and driver, or what they call “Full Service.” He made a remarkable $2,190 in one week with Instacart.

Chris is crushing it with Instacart!

I don’t know for how long that kind of revenue is sustainable, but clearly during this crisis people are ordering an insane amount of groceries online. That means there’s an abundance of good work for Instacart hustlers.

As you see above in his screenshot, Chris made $2,190 in a 59-hour workweek. That’s $37 per hour.

With Instacart, your gig job involves delivering groceries.  Or, if you don’t have a car, you can just pick and pack groceries and someone else will deliver them.  Instacart is currently hiring like crazy!

Each shift involves fewer but more detailed orders than what you’d see for other meal delivery services.

Chris shared his top 2 Instacart insider secrets with us:

1 – Keep it close.  “If I have an order that comes up and the delivery is 8 miles or more, I don’t take that job.”

2 – Focus on only a few stores.  Get to know their layout so you’re faster. “When you first start, pick a couple of stores around your home. Do orders at those stores first because then you’ll know the layout of the store really well. ”

Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps, and they rely on everyday people like you and me to operate. Instacart hires in-store shoppers who grab customer’s items off the shelves and deliver the items off to a person’s home.

One thing I really like about Instacart is the app automatically inserts a tip for you! Of course your customer can change it, but it sets the expectation that yes, you deserve a tip!

Instacart is one of the best gig jobs because it’s a flexible way to earn extra money. You can choose your own schedule and get paid weekly.

Click here to sign up for Instacart.


Postmates should keep you very busy with paid work because you can select gigs that range from Walmart grocery delivery to restaurant orders to Best Buy and Walgreens orders.  Postmates operates in about 3,000 US cities and towns.

Our reader Kyle reported making $20 an hour driving for Postmates.

We’re seeing some pay guarantees from Postmates such as, “Earn at least $650 for completing your first 80 deliveries.”  Do encourage your customers to tip.  Simply saying tips are appreciated and have a nice day can help because customers fill out the tip in the app after you deliver.

You’re doing a very helpful service, especially when you deliver to the elderly and at-risk people, so hopefully they pay it forward and thank you with a generous gratuity!

Some of our readers are single parents.  One benefit to Postmates our readers tell us is you can bring your child with you in the car.

Click here to sign up for Postmates.


We talk with our audience all the time and brand new DoorDasher Kelly is making $25 an hour.  And that’s without employing any strategy yet!  She’s not even choosing the most profitable requests, but anything that comes her way.

DoorDash is incredibly busy right now, but chances are you can earn more or work less while still earning $25 by maximizing your time on the road.

Reader Joe also makes $25 an hour driving with DoorDash.  He prefers to work part-time when it fits with his schedule.

Ziprecruiter (a well-known employment site) is saying DoorDash drivers earn about $36,000 per year when going full-time.

DoorDash touts, “clear and concise pay model lets you know how much you will make before accepting any order.” That’s important if you want to be efficient and only accept gigs you actually want.  That is a main benefit of these jobs — turning down the gigs you do NOT want!

You don’t need a car to qualify for DoorDash.  You can deliver on scooter or bicycle.

DoorDash is exclusively focused on food delivery and provides a relatively predictable restaurant to home to different restaurant to different home delivery experience.

With DoorDash you can expect to deliver food from The Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, Chili’s, Red Lobster, and many more, including your locally-owned restaurants that really need the help right now.

Click here to sign up for DoorDash.

Learn more about the DoorDash app and how it works for couriers here:


Rakuten Ebates

This can be a totally work-from-home job, if you want.  Promote the Rakuten Ebates app to your friends, family, and social media followers.  This is a 100% legit app that my staff members use to save money online.  For instance, Scott tells me he’s saved over $400 with it already.

Melissa, my Managing Editor, loves it too.  Simply use the app to shop online at places like Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Petco, Nike, Domino’s, and thousands more.

Each qualifying sign-up earns you $25.  Sign-up 2 family members and 2 friends and that’s $100 right there.  It’s easy because everyone you sign-up gets $10 in their account.  So it’s a win-win.

This likely won’t be your main source of income, but it’s easy to post on your Facebook and text to your friends, so why not?  Everyone is looking for an edge to save money right now, so this already-popular app is skyrocketing right now.

Hint: When you deliver with Postmates, text or include a card with your Rakuten referral code. Let your customers know they can save money on Postmates with Rakuten!

I’m looking in the app store and this free app has 5 million downloads and tens of thousands of stellar reviews.

Click here to sign up for Rakuten.


GoPuff hires driver-partners to deliver items like snacks, medicine, drinks, and more. Think of GoPuff as basically a mobile convenience store.

GoPuff drivers can make around $14 per hour but there are also bonuses available for longer shifts.

How it works is you’ll report to your local GoPuff warehouse location and wait for orders to deliver.

You deliver items from a central location. This means there are limits to how far your deliveries are (like with many of these other apps).  Drivers are given a guaranteed minimum rate per hour.

Some GoPuff drivers have to deal with cash payments and cash tips which can be a hassle to keep up with and also slow down how fast they are able to pick up and deliver orders.  GoPuff is not available in all cities yet.

Click here to sign up for Gopuff.

Work-from-Home Surveys

Swagbucks is a win-win on two levels: one, it offers discounts and points for shopping online (which you then can redeem for gift cards!) and you can earn more points by taking surveys and watching videos online!

take surveys with swagbucks

One of the many ways to earn points through Swagbucks

Just for signing up, you’ll get a $10 bonus, which you can redeem for gift cards or even cash out through PayPal. To earn points, shop online, watch videos, search the web, and answer surveys.

earn more sb through swagbucks

More ways to earn through Swagbucks

Best of all, for every person you refer to Swagbucks, you’ll earn points and you’ll continue to earn points as they earn points!

Swagbucks is the real deal.  They’ve been in business for over a decade.

Melissa on our team says she regularly cashes out a few hundred dollars each year.  And that’s with doing very little on Swagbucks other than recommending it to other people! Click here to sign up for Swagbucks.

Next Steps

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Take care and stay safe out there,

– Harry Campbell
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