Fluz App Review – Earn Real Cash Back With This App

Want to earn money every time you shop? That’s the promise of many cash-back apps, but with Fluz, you can use all the discounts you get from apps like Rakuten plus get money back. It’s savings stacked on savings – and you get rewarded for it! Senior RSG contributor Paula Gibbins breaks down the Fluz app review below.

What is Fluz?

Fluz is an app you use while shopping online to receive discounts and other perks. It’s a free app to use and Fluz partners with many well-known retailers to offer you discounts for shopping through them. You can get up to 35% cash back when you shop.

How Fluz Works

Fluz shows you a step-by-step process of how to shop with them:

  1. Shop where you always shop.

2. Pay Fluz & get a code.

3. Use code to pay → Get cash back.

4. Invite your friends.

5. Your friends make purchases. → Earn more cash.

6. Then your friends invite their friends.

7. And their friends make purchases. → Earn even more.

After you earn your cash back, you can cash out using your PayPal account. And, if inviting friends isn’t your thing, that part is optional.

You can even use Fluz for your in-store shopping. Just be sure when your total comes up to go into your Fluz app, choose the store you’re shopping at, enter the exact amount your order costs, then pay on Fluz. From there, you’ll get a barcode for your cashier to scan as your payment method.

Basically, if you’re shopping online and want to get some cash back on purchases you’re already going to make, you pay on Fluz, get a code, type in that code to pay online, buy your stuff – and then get cash back through Fluz!

There are no costs associated with using Fluz, and besides paying through Fluz and not simply online through the store’s website, there are few additional steps in order to get cash back.

Fluz App Stores

For a full list of stores available for shopping via Fluz app, check out their Stores section. Here’s a quick highlight of some of the stores you can shop using Fluz:

fluz app review

There are a surprising number of great stores and restaurants on Fluz, including a number of stores you probably use on a daily basis (including coffee shops like Dunkin Donuts, home good stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot, and other miscellaneous stores like Kohl’s, Bath and Body Works and more).

You can sort by category, favorites are saved toward the top or you can search by individual stores to see if your favorites are available.

How Can Fluz Help You Save Money

To start, Fluz is free to use. There’s no membership fees or sign-up fees to use the app and reap the rewards from it.

Under their Cash Back page, “You can get cashback on your past rides on Uber for up to 30 days.” Aside from that, you also earn up to 35% cash back for your purchases made within the Fluz app, either for online shopping or in-store when paid with the Fluz app.

On top of your cash back earnings, you can also earn more by inviting friends and family. You earn more as they use the app. To learn more about the Fluz compensation plan and how it can earn you $4,500 or more in invite rewards, click here.

Stack your rewards for the highest cash back potential:

fluz app review

You can stack savings with credit card rewards, loyalty credit cards and sometimes category-specific rewards. It can even work in conjunction with most cash back sites and browser extensions such as Rakuten, Swagbucks, Earny and ShopAtHome.

It stacks with affiliate cash back sites, cash back browser extensions, cash back apps, receipt for cash scanning apps and price watch extensions/apps. Use any combination of the above to reap as many rewards as possible.

Fluz Referral Code

Each person who signs up for Fluz receives their own referral code to pass out to their friends and family.

You can sign up for Fluz using The Rideshare Guy’s referral code here.

You can even edit your referral code so it’s easier to remember.

When you refer your friends, you both earn. They’ll get 3 vouchers for 35% cash back* and then you receive $3.50 per invite after they complete their first purchase.

*Each Voucher typically gives you up to 35% cash back on the first $10 of your purchase, providing $3.50 in additional rewards. After $10, the original cash back rate applies to the rest of your payment total.

With Fluz, you get real cash rewards. You can withdraw your cash balance directly to your bank account via ACH transfer, or you can transfer the cash to your PayPal account. This includes the cash back you receive as well as your network earnings for when friends make their first purchases using your referral code.

Apps like Fluz

There are apps that are similar to Fluz, but mostly, these apps can be used together with Fluz to get you the most bang for your buck.

Fluz vs Rakuten

It looks like you can use Fluz and Rakuten together to receive ultimate earnings. Use the Rakuten extension on your browser or app on your phone to earn cash back on your purchases and then complete your purchase using Fluz to earn even more cash back.

Rakuten gives you rewards on a quarterly basis based on your online shopping, and you have to activate the rewards in order to earn your cash back bonus.

You can sign up with Rakuten and use it to save even more money here.

Fluz vs Ibotta

Again, with Ibotta, you should be able to stack your rewards by using both apps. Overall, Ibotta is a receipt uploading app that you earn cash back on every time you upload your receipt after shopping. You get discounts on featured items for the week.

You can even find specific deals on Ibotta in order to maximize your earnings. For example, there could be a deal where you’ll receive $2 cash back if you buy 3 2-liter soda bottles.

Sign up with Ibotta.

Fluz vs Fetch

Similar to Ibotta, Fetch is a receipt-based rewards app. Just scan your receipt from ANY grocery store and earn points which you can cash out for hundreds of rewards like an Amazon or VISA gift card.

The upside of Fluz versus Fetch is that Fluz gives you cash while Fetch earns you money to go toward a gift card of your choice. But also, like with the apps mentioned above, it should work in conjunction with Fluz to earn you even more rewards.

Just make sure you complete your purchase with Fluz and then upload your receipt to Fetch (as long as you bought food of some kind) and you’ll see rewards from both apps build up.

You can sign up for Fetch here.

Fluz Alternatives

There’s nothing really out there that can give you a direct comparison to Fluz. Fluz definitely sounds and acts like a multi-level marketing (MLM) deal, but it’s not exactly that because you don’t have any sign-up or membership fees associated with your account. You don’t have to pay any money to be a part of Fluz, unlike a true MLM.

Also, like you see above, many similar apps will work together with Fluz instead of using only one or the other.

Fluz Pros and Cons

Obviously the pros include the earnings you can gain from using it. You earn cash back and you can earn quite a bit by inviting your friends and family. It’s real money you can send directly to your bank or PayPal account to spend as you like.

A big con is just the process itself, especially for in-store shopping. It seems pretty clunky to have to find the store in the app, wait for the cashier to ring you up, type in your total, pay with your Fluz app and then wait for the barcode to populate to pay at the cash register.

I just feel like there could be an easier process to earn your cash back. If there was a long line, I’d feel awful making people wait for me to mess around with an app.

Who is Fluz for?: Who Should Use Fluz

The obvious answer is people who shop a lot, but it would also be a great option for people who have a lot of friends who also shop and enjoy a good deal. The more friends you invite, the more earnings you can unlock.

If you already shop at the brands associated with Fluz, why not try earning some cash back in the process? Basically, Fluz is for everyone and for anyone.

Fluz Sign Up Bonus

Here’s what the Fluz site says about their sign up bonus opportunities:

“Occasionally Fluz will run referral reward bonus events. During these special limited availability events, you can earn an additional reward for every new person that you invite, if that new person spends a certain amount through the app.

For example, Fluz could run a referral reward event that gives inviters $10.00 for every new person they sign up, when that new person spends $99.99 through the app.

Fluz reserves the right to change the amount of the bonus given for each event.”

You can sign up for Fluz using our link here and start earning today.

Drivers, would you try out or have you tried out apps like Fluz? What do you think about cash back apps?

-Paula @ RSG