Wondering how to make money? Or better yet, how to make money fast? You may need extra money right now, but you’re not sure how to begin or what’s a legitimate money-making opportunity. Here are the 100+ best ways that don’t require you to learn too many new skills or have experience.

    We’ve included everything from food delivery jobs to side hustle jobs to the best gig jobs to how to make $1,000 fast to the best online jobs to ways to make money without a job at all! These 100+ ways are both on and offline options, so whether you need to stay home for your family or other reasons, or want to get out, we’ve got the list for you.

    Not all of these here will be a good fit for you. My advice is to select a few money-makers where you go, “I can do that!” Then start right now while you have momentum.

    This article contains affiliate links for which we receive a small commission at no cost to you. We only link to companies we believe are actually helpful to you. You can read our affiliate policy.

    How to Make Money Fast

    1. Make Money Delivering with Instacart

    Money: $25 to $35 per hour with Instacart
    This is our #1 way to make money right now. Why? Because…

    1. you can apply instantly
    2. no interview
    3. no car required, you can be a supermarket shopper only if you prefer
    4. pays well and reliably
    5. lots of demand right now
    6. it’s easy

    I recommend you sign-up before they close applications.

    This is not a joke – Instacart filled 300,000 positions in record time. Luckily, they’ve added 250,000 more because of the crazy demand for supermarket delivery.

    Unfortunately, too many people are unemployed right now. So if you wait, I can’t promise Instacart jobs will be around for you.

    This is a job that’s definitely worth trying. You’re under zero obligation to keep the job and you can make it work with your schedule.

    We really like this money-making gig job because you work with respected supermarkets like Costco, Target, Fairway, Publix, Key Food, Aldi, and more. You just bring the groceries to people in your area. Instacart automatically suggests a tip amount for you, which is great.

    Personally, I’m thankful for Instacart shoppers because they are really protecting the health of older folks (like my parents!) and at-risk people.

    Instacart is also one of our best jobs for introverts.

    Join Instacart for free with an instant application.

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    2. Make Money Delivering with DoorDash

    Money: $20 to $25 per hour with DoorDash

    DoorDash will ping your phone when there’s a new delivery job. You can choose to say yes or no to it.

    You’ll be delivering a lot of restaurant food. Expect to pick up lunches and dinners for customers from Chick-fil-A, The Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle, plus your local restaurants.

    You don’t need a car to make money with Doordash. You can hustle food across town on your moped, scooter, or bicycle.

    3. Make Money Delivering with Postmates

    Money: $20 to $25 per hour with Postmates

    Yes, another delivery job! Life is different from before and people are staying home.

    Postmates says you can earn up to $27 per hour delivering food and more. We’re seeing Postmates drivers earning $20 to $25 per hour depending on strategies.

    We like that you can cash out instantly each day you drive.

    You don’t need a car. You can deliver on a bicycle, moped, scooter, etc.

    In my area, in addition to restaurants, Postmates delivers Walmart groceries. And yes, I always give a nice tip!

    best food delivery services to work for infographic4. Make Money Providing Storage Space with Neighbor

    Money: $400 to $5,000+ per year with Neighbor storage

    We haven’t tested Neighbor storage yet — we’re working on it! But it looks like a very easy way to make money.

    Neighbor is trying to be the Airbnb of storage space. So instead of someone renting an expensive storage site, they rent space in your basement, garage, spare room, or even in your closet.

    You arrange times when the person can come get their stuff. Usually, people who keep stuff in storage rarely need it.

    For instance, they might be storing summer gear and they leave with you all year and get it once. Or they have a ton of holiday decorations and need a place for it year around – until the holidays!

    Neighbor is saying you can earn pretty darn good money with their service. For example, check out what they’re claiming for Boston and Seattle:

    I’d say this is worth a shot! Sign-up with Neighbor storage app here.

    5. Loan Signing Agent

    Money: average $125 per hour

    We have a success story of an Uber driver becoming a mobile notary public to make money.

    With this job, you drive to clients to do about an hour of work.

    There are some start-up costs with this money-making business. You’ll need 6 hours of training, and to make serious money, you’ll want to learn how to market your business.

    6. Make Money as a Freelance Writer

    Money: $25 to $400 per article

    Even if you’re not a terrific writer (yet!) you might want to explore this online gig job.

    You can make money as a freelance writer if you can organize your thoughts clearly, meet deadlines, and turn in factually accurate work.

    It’s best to start writing about what you know. You can look for writing gigs on, FlexJobs, or

    However, if you want to start charging closer to the $400 per article range, you’ll want to educate yourself. Head over to Holly Johnson’s Earn More Writing course.

    Holly isn’t just a teacher, she’s a highly successful freelance writer. It’s her career!

    online jobs7. Make Money as a Blog Publisher

    Money: potentially millions of dollars

    As a blog publisher, you’ll be writing (or paying others to write) articles to help people. Examples are instructional articles and reviews of products and services.

    You can also publish a blog to entertain people or to form a community around a topic or hobby.

    These days it’s really easy to become a blog publisher. My recommendation though is to go with professional services — if you’re trying to make money that is.

    Sure, you could write a blog on a free service. But then you have to play by their rules.

    This can include censorship, allowing them to slap ads all over your site, and so on.

    Web hosting is so cheap it makes sense to maintain full control over your blog. For about $3 per month you can host your blog on Bluehost or Hostgator. Both of these are excellent for beginners.

    I use Hostgator for one of my sites and I really like it. Their customer service has been helpful and more importantly, I haven’t needed it much because the site just works.

    Harry has used Bluehost in the past and found it to be a great host for a beginning site.

    The keys to making money with blogging are

    1 – Buy professional hosting from a service like Bluehost or Hostgator

    2 – Select a topic about which you’re passionate AND can attract an audience AND where you have some expertise or experience

    3 – Get attention to it!

    Want to learn how to be a blogger? You’ll probably need to do a lot of writing yourself at first, in order to save money on paying writers. Get started as a blogger with Holly Johnson’s Earn More Blogging course.

    8. Make Money Promoting GetUpside

    Money: get paid per new person you sign-up to GetUpside

    With GetUpside, you save up to 25¢ per gallon of gas, 35% at restaurants, and 15% at grocery stores. Here at The RideShare Guy, the whole team loves using GetUpside.

    You can make hundreds of dollars all the way up to $1,000s if you have enough friends and social media followers who join with your code.

    This is a 100% legit money-saving app.

    9. Share Your Internet

    Money: $30 per month with Honeygain

    Your computer and devices are often just laying at home, not doing much, especially when you’re away. With Honeygain you get paid for sharing your internet with others.

    We haven’t tested this one yet but various reports show about $1 per day in earnings. This could vary.

    Honeygain is probably something to try out and quit if it’s not worth it to you. But this could be a very passive and easy way to make some extra money.

    10. Make Money with an Email Newsletter

    Money: potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars using a service like Aweber

    Oh, how people forget about the power of email to make money. While most people are concentrating on using their social media followings to make money, you’ll be smart enough to also earn a list of email addresses.

    Social media is great but the problem is, at any time, Facebook or Twitter or the others can change their algorithm and hide your posts!

    It’s so frustrating to finally have built up a massive following, only to have your boss (the social media company) change the rules on you! With email, the game is simpler.

    Write a compelling subject line and people on your email list will read it. Deliver valuable savings, education, or entertainment to your list.

    To get started, you need an email provider. Some have free versions with a pro upgrade coming at just $10 per month.

    Unfortunately, you can’t just blast tons of messages from your regular email account. The reason is Gmail, Yahoo, and others aren’t set-up for this, and they will block your outgoing messages as spam.

    The way to make money with an email list is:

    1. Sign-up with a great email service like Aweber, MailChimp, or ConvertKit. I’ve used all 3 and they have their pros and cons. But overall, I’ve seen each service make lots of money.
    2. Give your audience a compelling reason to want to hear from you over email. Examples: Give away a free PDF book and promise great information in your newsletter
    3. Broadcast this message on your Bluehost website, on your podcast, on your YouTube, and your social media channels.
    4. On occasion, send an email to your fans about a service or products that help them while the service also pays you a commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

    We do this here at The RideShare Guy. We only promote stuff we believe is actually helpful. The reason is Harry has worked really hard to earn the trust of his audience and we’ll never break it!

    You could also sell your own products and services like homemade crafts from your Etsy store and classes on your Teachable site.

    online jobs11. Make Money with a Podcast

    Money: potentially tens of thousands. Host your podcast on Buzzsprout.

    Here at The RideShare Guy we have two podcasts: The Rideshare Guy and The Rideshare Dojo.

    Try Buzzsprout to host your podcast audio.

    It’s pretty inexpensive to set-up a podcast. You really don’t need a super expensive microphone – this Yeti is a highly rated, professional podcaster mic that’s not too expensive.

    You can even use your phone to record the podcast. The key is to build your audience by creating awesome content and promoting the podcast!

    One trick that works to get more listeners is to be a fascinating guest. You tell your story or give expert advice to their audience.

    The idea is that many of those people will now subscribe to your podcast to get more of your content.

    How to make money with a podcast:

    1. Sign-up for Buzzsprout to host your podcast
    2. Make awesome podcasts and promote it to gather an audience
    3. Once you have 1,000+ people who really care about what you have to say, you can promote products and services for a commission or advertising fee.

    12. Make Money Hosting Webinars

    Money: potentially $50,000+ per webinar depending on your audience

    A webinar is simply a seminar streamed over the web. When you think “seminar” think of serious business-minded professionals eager to learn a very particular subject from an expert in the field.

    This is why you’ll want to use professional webinar software like WebinarJam.

    It’s not unheard of to charge $500 per person and have an audience of 100 people attend your video talk with Q&A section. Remember, in a webinar you are giving away lessons that can help the audience members make a lot more money or change their lives or relationships.

    If you’re an expert, how often can a person get the real-deal from someone like you who has years of successful experience AND have the chance to ask you questions!

    Sometimes big companies will have no problem paying for their employees to attend your seminar because their employees will be gaining new money-making skills to make them better at their jobs.

    Typical webinars are on topics as diverse as employee trainings, internet marketing, public speaking, and personal development.

    Off the top of my head I can think of other unusual webinar topics where you could charge good money:

    • if you’re a chef at a respected restaurant, hold a webinar cooking class and answer everyone’s questions about cooking
    • if you’re comedian, do a special personalized roast or routine or for the guest’s birthday with all his or her friends in attendance — and they get a chance to roast, too
    • if you’re a personal trainer or yoga instructor, charge $40 per person for a class where everyone is on video and you can correct people’s form and motivate in real-time

    Webinarjam has a popular feature that allows you to stream directly to a YouTube page. It’s easy because your audience doesn’t have to download anything. Webinarjam also enables you to have a secure, password-protected meeting.

    13. Make Money Delivering with GoPuff

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour with tips with GoPuff

    Yes, another delivery opportunity! Haha – but hear me out!

    What makes GoPuff different is you won’t make any restaurant deliveries. Instead, you’ll be more like a convenience store delivery person.

    Get started with GoPuff here.

    14. Make Money Delivering Liquor with Saucey

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour with tips with Saucey

    Isn’t great when people are happy to see you?! Bring beer, wine, and spirits to your neighbors and soon you’ll be friends!

    Now I don’t have any proof of this, but I’m thinking that you should remind customers to tip you about, say, 1 hour after you deliver when they’re good and sloshed!

    Besides Saucey, you can deliver liquor with Instacart, too.

    Glass of light beer on a dark pub.

    15. Make Money Doing Local, In-Person Jobs With Thumbtack

    Money: $20 to $100+ per local job using Thumbtack

    Use Thumbtack to find people in your area who will pay you for jobs such as

    • home cleaning
    • massage therapy
    • plumbing
    • air conditioning repair
    • DJ an event
    • putting furniture together
    • event photographer

    What’s cool is you can charge whatever price you want. Earn a great reputation and this could become an ongoing source of income.

    Read our Thumbtack review for more info.

    16. Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

    Money: $5 to $25 per hour with – earn even more with a dedicated course like 10KVA

    How much money you’re paid hourly depends on your skill level.

    Here at The RideShare Guy we contract a number of virtual assistants for weekly online tasks.

    As a virtual assistant you might be asked to complete tasks such as:

    • data entry
    • arranging meetings
    • signing-up for programs
    • collecting data or research
    • organizing information

    In my experience, the best virtual assistants who have worked for me have been reliable, able to follow instructions, and able to find solutions on their own.

    Virtual assistants can also make far more than $25 an hour depending on their skills and tasks. We highly recommend the 10KVA course from VA Pro, Kayla Sloan. She’s actually worked for Harry before and is top-notch!

    17. Make Money Doing Jobs on TaskRabbit

    Money: charge $25 to $75+ per hour for local jobs with TaskRabbit

    As a TaskRabbit tasker you’ll hop around town helping folks with odd jobs like Jeffrey C.:

    make money with taskrabbit

    To give you an idea of how much money you can make, TaskRabbit is showing me these prices in south Florida:

    • Assemble a Table/Desk Avg. Project: $46 – $106
    • Mount a TV or Mirror Avg. Project: $45 – $106
    • Move Boxes via Truck Avg. Project: $52 – $143
    • Clean Bathroom/Kitchen Avg. Project: $66 – $141
    • Fix a Running Toilet Avg. Project: $53 – $132
    • Office/Home Delivery Avg. Project: $21 – $42
    • Lift Furniture Upstairs Avg. Project: $33 – $60
    • Plant Flowers Avg. Project: $47 – $71

    Something to consider: if you do a great job for someone, they’ll want to hire you again — and even for different types of jobs.

    Say you’re an Uber driver, make that connection with TaskRabbit, then give your number and let your customer know you also drive if they ever need it.

    18. Make Money Promoting Rakuten

    Money: $25 per person you sign-up to Rakuten

    Rakuten is a simple cash back app. It’s like a giant online mall full of special discounts.

    1 – Go to the Rakuten app

    2 – Click on one of their stores like Macy’s, Target, Domino’s, Amazon

    3 – Cash money (NOT points) is deposited in your account!

    I use this app whenever I shop online because I don’t want to miss savings. I’ve saved serious money at Ralph Lauren, Hilton, Amazon, and even on Lyft rides.

    But my favorite part is recommending this app to friends and social media followers. Because they get a bonus for their first purchase, and I get $25 for telling them about the Rakuten app.

    If you’re like Harry (the founder of The RideShare Guy) and have tens of thousands of social media followers, you can make thousands of dollars just by helping people save money shopping.

    If you have a few hundred friends and followers on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever, it’s likely you can make $100 fast. If you got just 2 family members and 2 friends to use Rakuten, that’s $100 for you.

    Rakuten is legit. I’ve actually transferred my money to my bank account. The Rakuten logo is worn on the jerseys of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. This app has millions of happy users.

    It’s definitely one of the best cash back apps. Here’s our full review of Rakuten.

    Download the Rakuten app (or sign-up for the website), use it to get your welcome cash bonus, then tell your friends!

    19. Make Money with Ibotta

    Money: $20 just for joining Ibotta + cash back for shopping

    Download the Ibotta app, create your account, then look for deals.

    Promo Code for Ibotta

    When you locate offers you want, just add them to your list!

    After shopping, upload your receipt, then scan the barcodes of the products you bought. For that scanning, you’ll get cash back.

    20. Make Money with Swagbucks

    Money: $10 sign-up bonus + get paid for watching videos

    With Swagbucks you get discounts and points for shopping online, taking surveys, and watching videos.

    earn more sb through swagbucks

    Our Managing Editor Melissa regularly cashes out via gift cards a $200 to $300 per year with Swagbucks.

    Melissa’s tips for earning more money with Swagbucks:

    • Set Swagbucks as your home page. Earn points for searching for things.
    • Play online games through Swagbucks whenever you’re bored
    • Swagbucks is super easy to use, even if you don’t use it for shopping. Have your friends and family sign up and use it and you’ll earn even more points that convert into cash

    Sign up for Swagbucks here.

    21. Make Money with Toluna Influencers

    Money: not much, maybe $1 per hour with Toluna Influencers, but you might find it fun

    Give your opinion on products and services using Toluna Influencers and get paid. If you’ve ever wanted to get paid for sharing your opinion, Toluna is a great option!

    22. Make Money as a Bookkeeper

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour

    You can do this job online. You’ll probably need a bit of training.

    A good bookkeeper has these qualities: organized, trustworthy, and willing to learn bookkeeping software.

    The software isn’t hard, you can quickly learn it with one affordable booking course, like this one called Bookkeeping Basics.

    23. Make Money Promoting Freebird

    Money: potentially $100s per month. $5 for each new user you refer + save money on Uber and Lyft rides with Freebird

    Promoting apps that help people save money AND earn you a thank-you payment is a time-tested way of making good money.

    Tell your friends and social media followers about Freebird to get paid when they use Freebird to save money.

    1. Download the app,
    2. Enter the code RSG in the Freebird app (Profile > Promo Codes)
    3. Get your unique invite code by going to Profile > Invite & Get Cash.

    You’ll earn $5 for each person you refer who takes their first ride

    For rideshare and delivery drivers, we made free business cards you can print and hand-out to your customers to get the word out easier. Just fill in your unique code in the blank spot.

    The more you promote your Freebird code, the more money you’ll earn. There are drivers earning hundreds of dollars each month just by sharing their Freebird code.

    You can earn a lot of money promoting great cash back apps like Freebird and Rakuten — especially if you have a blog (aff), email list, or podcast.

    freebird promo code24. (California only) Make Money Delivering Marijuana with Eaze

    Money: about $25 per hour with Eaze

    Eaze reimburses you for driving expenses, which helps you keep more of the money you’ve earned.

    Take a look at our Eaze driver review here.

    25. Make Money Promoting Fetch

    Money: up to $3 sign-up bonus + earn money whenever you sign people up to Fetch

    Fetch is a cash back app that saves people money at supermarkets.

    Five simple steps:

    1. Download Fetch
    2. Scan your receipts from grocery stores
    3. Earn points on thousands of products
    4. Redeem your points for rewards like gift cards

    Tell your friends, family, and social media followers about Fetch to get paid when they use it.

    26. Make Money Promoting Dosh

    Money: $5 sign-up bonus + $5 for each person you refer to Dosh

    With Dosh, you get cash back automatically at stores. No need to scan anything or remember coupons.


    1. Sign up with this Dosh Referral Link
    2. Link and verify your credit card and you’ll earn the $5 sign up bonus
    3. If you don’t see your bonus, add the Dosh Referral Code KAMIKAS2 to your account within 48 hours of signing up, then link and verify your credit card

    To make more money, get your people to join you on the app. After you sign up for Dosh, hit the Refer button in the app. You’ll see your personal Dosh referral code to share.

    When they sign-up using your link, you’ll both be awarded $5 bonus after your referral links a credit or debit card.

    27. Make Money as a YouTuber

    Money: potentially millions if you become a star. Thousands per month is certainly attainable.

    There are two general ways you can make money on Youtube.

    • Entertain millions of people or
    • Educate thousands of people

    The obvious way to get paid on YouTube is to allow YouTube to show ads on your videos. The more people who view the ads, the more money you’ll make.

    Other ways to get paid on YouTube are

    • create a paid membership channel with more advanced video
    • sell sponsorships directly to advertisers
    • offer consulting or personalized services to your audience for a fee
    • promote affiliate products and services for which you’re paid a commission
    • sell your own products and services
    • ask for donations

    Here at The RideShare Guy we educate 66,000 subscribers on our YouTube. Harry built up the audience over time by providing excellent money-making education for free.

    He makes money from YouTube by helping the audience with our advanced driver course, Maximum Ridesharing Profits, his rideshare book, rideshare coaching, transportation business consulting, affiliate services like Instacart and DoorDash, and by allowing respectable companies to advertise on the channel.

    28. Make Money Driving for Uber

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour with Uber

    Driving for Uber can be a great way to make money. It’s a very flexible way to make money when you need a job right away. Here at The RideShare Guy we encourage you to learn all the tricks to make the most of your driving hours.

    Instead of driving aimlessly for 8 hours per day, we give you smart strategies to make more money in less time.

    The goal for most people, in our opinion, is to earn as much money as you can with Uber and have a plan for life after rideshare. In other words, use Uber driving to pay the bills while you learn a new skill.

    29. Make Money Driving for Lyft

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour with Lyft

    For most people, we recommend signing-up for both Uber and Lyft so you have more options.

    30. Make Money Driving for Via

    Money: $20 to $25 per hour driving with Via

    Via isn’t available everywhere yet like Uber and Lyft.

    Via is like a shuttle bus. You’ll drive between popular destinations and your passengers hop off and walk the rest of the way

    Via boasts that your earnings with them are more predictable than with Uber or Lyft. Via promises to send you the rates for the upcoming day so you can plan your schedule in advance.

    31. Make Money Testing Apps

    Money: between $30 and $300 per month with

    You’ll make more money as your rating goes up. You’ll be asked for your opinion to improve apps and websites.

    32. Make Money as an Online Tutor / Teacher

    Money: $25 to $100 per lesson on Udemy

    You can teach what you know in subjects like guitar, English, math, cooking, computer programming, and more.

    I’ve made good money as a teacher and tutor. It feels good to help people and earn money at the same time.

    If you have a Bachelor’s degree in any field, check out Education First (EF). This is an online class where you teach English.

    But you can also post on Craigslist or Facebook to teach people in person or online.

    Here at The RideShare Guy we use Teachable to host our video course — Maximum Ridesharing Profits — about how to make more money driving for Uber and Lyft.

    Creating a video teaching course becomes a pretty passive way to make money because people will continue to sign-up for years — as long as it’s still useful!

    33. Make Money as a Transcriptionist

    Money: $15 to $25 per hour

    To make money as a transcriptionist you’ll be listening to audio and typing it out as a transcript. Legal assignments can pay more.

    You can get jobs on sites like Typists and Rev.

    But if you want to skip past the beginners and gain skills and promotional strategies to make more money, try a course such as Transcribe Anywhere.

    34. Make Money Winning Video Game Tournaments

    Money: very little to $10,000+

    Not all states allow cash prize competitions, and if there’s an entry-fee you’ll need to be at least 18 years old.

    You can hunt for tournaments where you think you can win on sites like

    35. Make Money as a Caregiver

    Money: $20 to $40 per hour + meals. Or get paid by the day if you live with the person.

    You can list your services as a caregiver on Care and Craigslist.

    When my grandma wasn’t in good health towards the end of her life, my mom hired a live-in caregiver for her. Typically insurance doesn’t cover this, so your client will pay you or your agency directly.

    I interviewed Mom to find out what a customer seeks in a good caregiver.

    My grandma’s caregiver did the following tasks:

    • laundry
    • prepared meals
    • helped her get dressed
    • helped her wash up
    • helped her walk to bathroom
    • ensured she took her medication
    • took her to doctors
    • went grocery shopping
    • sat in the park on nice days

    Now here’s why my mom let the first caretaker go and stayed with the second caretaker instead. The second caretaker was friendly with my grandma and provided companionship. The first caretaker technically did the tasks but didn’t eat with my grandma and kind of hid and watched TV.

    I’d say if you want to make money as a caretaker you should want to be a good friend to an older person or a person in need of help. This means you’re very helpful, patient, upbeat, and enjoy talking with the person!

    Other important traits:

    • patience
    • sympathy
    • responsible — your person is counting on you!

    36. Make Money as a Dog Walker

    Money: $10-60+ a visit (30-minute visits pay less than overnight visits)

    Our Managing Editor Melissa has used the app Rover to make money as a dog walker. Melissa made $1,000 in one month!

    My good friend in New York City made money as a dog walker and absolutely loved it. He felt like he was getting paid to exercise, release stress with fun animals, and he met some interesting people!

    Rover37. Make Money as a Babysitter

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour

    Check out sites like or do it the old school way by posting fliers in your neighborhood, on Nextdoor, Facebook and at schools.

    38. Make Money Cleaning Houses

    Money: $70 to $150 per home

    Make money cleaning homes by posting on sites like Thumbtack, Facebook, and Nextdoor (especially if you want to stay around your neighborhood).

    39. Advertise on Your Car

    Money: $100 to $300 per month

    Check out sites like Wrapify and Carvertise. In short, your car is wrapped in a giant ad and you get paid.

    Check out our full review of the best advertising companies for your car here.

    40. Make Money as a House Painter

    Money: ~$15 per hour when you work for someone else. When it’s your own company you can charge $1,500 to $2,000 per home.

    You can start right away by posting your service on Thumbtack, Craigslist, and Facebook. You might also contact local painting companies to tell them that you’ll paint for them.

    41. Make Money as a Mover

    Money: $75 to $100 per hour

    List your services on Thumbtack, Dolly, or GoShare.

    42. Make Money Shoveling Snow or Mowing Lawns

    Money: $25 to $50 per lawn mowed, $50 to $75 for shoveling snow off the lawn

    List your services on Thumbtack, Craigslist, Nextdoor and Facebook.

    43. Make Money as an Airbnb Host

    Money: $900 to tens of thousands per month with Airbnb

    Airbnb is more lucrative when people are eager to travel. Even still, there are opportunities. For instance, some people who have jobs where they can work from home are fleeing their big city for an Airbnb in a smaller town.

    The price you can charge depends on supply and demand in your area, along with your reviews.

    I’ve been a frequent paying guest at Airbnb apartments, and I have friends who are making money as hosts.

    As a guest, I’ve rented out a host’s spare bedroom and paid them anywhere between $30 to $60 per night. I’ve also rented out entire apartments for anywhere between $75 to $125 per night.

    Some hosts own or rent many apartments in their city and then rent them out like a mini-hotel chain.

    Sign-up for Airbnb.

    44. Make Money as a Photographer

    Money: $15 to $25 per hour, $50 to $150 per event with Airbnb Experiences

    Sell your photography to stock photo agencies like Foap, DepositPhotos, iStock, and Adobe stock.

    You can also promote your services on sites like Airbnb Experiences. Airbnb actually has a cool section where you can offer to take photos of people who are traveling or just want a photographer to help with a special moment.

    45. Make Money as a Tour Guide

    Money: $100 to $150 per day using Airbnb Experiences

    I’ve gone on lots of tours while traveling. Usually, I picked a free tour from Tripadvisor or a site like Airbnb. Then us tourists would tip the guide between $5 and $10 each. Although some people probably didn’t tip – but they should!

    The tours I’ve attended were anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and had anywhere between 10 and 25 people.

    This is a great job if you love showing people around and you have a fun way of explaining notable monuments and places. It also helps if you live in a place frequented by tourists!

    46. Make Money Doing Data Entry

    Money: $15 to $20 per hour

    Try Clickworker, FlexJobs or Mechanical Turk to snag these jobs.

    You’re likely qualified to earn money with data entry if you:

    • can pay close attention to details
    • type quickly
    • can be organized

    47. Make Money Reviewing New Music

    Money: ~10 cents per review with

    Give your honest feedback about new music and work online! This is the perfect job to do in between working online or doing something else on your computer – simply listen to music in the background and then give your review and make a few bucks.

    48. Make Money Selling Your Stuff

    Money: It depends on the value of your stuff!

    Sites like LetGo, Decluttr and Gazelle help you sell your things.

    Here’s an idea: sell your stuff so you have extra space. Then rent out that space for money by using a site like Neighbor to other people who have lots of extra stuff!

    49. Make Money as a Proofreader

    Money: ~$20 per hour. Get quick training with Proofread Anywhere.

    This online job is a good match for those of you with a strong eye for details.

    You’ll be taking nearly-finished products and fixing punctuation, spelling, formatting, and capitalization mistakes.

    The part you might not already be skilled in is the part that will make you more money — knowing how to get more clients. Caitlin shows you how to turn proofreading from an online job into your own money-making business with her course, Proofread Anywhere.

    50. Make Money Writing Books

    Money: potentially thousands of dollars per month

    The RideShare Guy founder, Harry, has written and self-published a book.

    You should have a passion for either writing as an art (for fiction) or for educating people with your non-fiction book.

    Believe it or not, writing the book might be the easier part for you!

    Many authors need help overcoming the challenge of promoting their book. Check out courses on Udemy to find the right skill you need to either outline, write, or market your book.

    A few smart ways to promote your book:

    • your own blog hosted on Bluehost or Hostgator
    • through your email list hosted on AWeber or ConvertKit
    • being interviewed by book review bloggers in your niche
    • appearing as a guest on radio and podcasts, or host your own podcast on BuzzSprout

    Writing a book is a lot of work up front. But if it’s a hit, you could make passive money off it for years and years!

    51. Make Money as a Voiceover Actor

    Money: $1,000 to $1,250 per hour of voicing. Training: Business of Voiceover

    Have you been told you have a nice speaking voice? Or can you play different “characters” with your voice? Or perhaps you can sound trustworthy or authoritative. Then you might consider voiceover as a money-making gig.

    You’ll need a

    You can find jobs on sites like Fiverr,, Voice 123, and Voices

    You can just go for it by posting your demo audio. But you might want to get a bit of training on the business side of how to promote yourself and how to bolt past all the competition. Try this course on Teachable.

    52. Make Money Selling Products on Shopify

    Money: potentially millions if you have a hit product on Shopify

    On Shopify, you can sell anything from jewelry to coffee, to cosmetics. Shopify makes it really easy for you to set-up a site and accept credit cards.

    There’s a reasonable monthly fee and a free trial to see if you like it.

    53. Make Money Renting Out Your Car

    Money: $50 to $700 per month with Turo or Hyrecar

    With Turo, you rent out your car when you’re not using. You can rent it out a few days or month or much more.

    I was wondering about insurance. Turo says you’re covered, “up to $1 million in liability insurance from Liberty Mutual, and your car is contractually protected against theft and physical damage.”

    Even better might be an option like Hyrecar – you can read all about our writer’s experience renting out her car through Hyrecar here.

    54. Make Money with Credit Card Bonuses

    Money: $100 to $600 when you spend a certain amount

    There are many credit cards that offer what’s called a “sign-up bonus” when you’re approved for the card and then use it to spend enough to unlock that bonus.

    Please be sure to pay all your bills on time! Paying interest or late fees is not worth it.

    Here are a couple of credit cards I like and actually have myself:

    1 – Capital One QuickSilver

    Earn a one-time $150 cash bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within 3 months from account opening.

    I like that you also get 1.5% cash back on all purchases. I like that there is no annual fee. This card requires excellent credit.

    2 – Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card

    Earn $200 in online cash rewards after making $1,000 in purchases in the first 90 days of account opening.

    I like that there’s no annual fee. I especially like the 3% cash back category.

    You can find more of our recommended credit card options for rideshare drivers here.

    55. Make Money with Focus Groups

    Money: $50 to $250 per group

    I’ve done this and it was pretty fun!

    Our Managing Editor, Melissa, says she has participated in focus groups covering many types of products. For instance, Melissa once earned $250 to play a video game.

    You can earn the most if you live in a big city, and if you’re ‘unique.’ For example, Melissa earned $250 to play a video game because she was a woman… who was interested in video games. Seems easy, but I guess they couldn’t find a lot of women who were interested in playing video games!

    Other unique qualities: wearing glasses or contacts, an interest in a lot of topics, willingness to participate in health studies, having pets and being willing to share your opinions on pet products, etc.

    Try Focus Pointe Global.

    Turbotax/HR Block alternative for getting your taxes done56. Make Money with Sales/Lead Generation

    Money: $20 to $100s per lead or sale

    Go to local business owners and offer get them more customers in exchange for a payment per customer or lead.

    For instance, contact your a car dealership and ask them how much money they would pay you for each person you send them that takes a legitimate test drive. You can try the same tactic with a hair salon, manicurist, and so on.

    Some businesses are open to this arrangement because they only pay you if your work results in a sale or lead. This lowers their risk.

    57. Make Money with Bank Account Bonuses

    Money: $100 to $500

    These bonuses fluctuate and all require you to open a new bank account and deposit a certain amount of money.

    I’ve done this once to earn the bonus dollars and I’ve kept my money in the account because it earns a better interest rate compared to a regular checking account.

    Here are a few examples:

    • Capital One 360 Performance Savings account
    • Discover Online Savings Account
    • Chase Total Checking®

    58. Make Money with Bank Account Interest

    Money: depends on how much you have in the bank!

    If you currently earn nothing for keeping your money in the bank, you might consider moving some or all of that money into a bank account that pays you interest.

    Here are a couple of examples:

    • Capital One 360 Performance Savings account
    • Discover Online Savings Account

    59. Make Money with GoFundMe

    Money: accept donations

    One example of a way to use GoFundme would be to get help with medical bills. Tell your story and generous people may help you with donations.

    60. Make Money Hosting Cooking Experiences

    Money: charge $30 to $150 per guest on Airbnb Experiences

    If you can cook a wonderful meal and add local flavor to a tourist’s trip, try hosting an Airbnb cooking experience.

    For tourists, sure it’s fun to try restaurants, but it can be really cool to bring your family to a local’s home or to an outdoor picnic hosted by someone who will tell you what it’s like to live in the area.

    Not a great cook but know someone who is? Host an online cooking webinar with a chef (or several!). Provide a few recipes for free (the ones you cook on the webinar, for example) with an up-sell at the end, offering more recipes available for purchase. If people love what you cook, they’ll buy more from you!

    61. Make Money as a Handyperson

    Money: $25 to $150 per job on Thumbtack

    List your abilities on Thumbtack or TaskRabbit. People will pay you to fix their toilet, fix a cabinet door, repair drywall, and so on.

    62. Make Money as a Graphic Designer

    Money: $23 to $29 per hour on Fiverr

    Design logos, images, advertisements, posters, and more as a graphic designer. This is a good online job. You’ll build up your portfolio and reputation.

    I suggest brushing up on the business side of things so you can find more clients.

    You can find graphic design gig work on sites like Fiverr, and Upwork.

    There is a ton of competition in this field. You might consider a graphic design course to sharpen your skills or better understand the marketing aspect, like Graphic Design Bootcamp.

    63. Make Money with Uber Eats

    Money: $13 to $20 per hour with Uber Eats

    Join Uber Eats and deliver restaurant food. Here’s our full Uber Eats driver review.

    Ezra on our team made $130 in one day working for Uber Eats.

    When you sign-up for our mailing list, we show you the tricks to optimizing your time so you make more money than the typical driver.

    Money-saving tip: Track your vehicle mileage. Use QuickBooks Self-Employed and you’ll save money on taxes this way.

    64. Make Money Delivering for Grubhub

    Money: $11 to $12 per hour with Gruhub

    We like that GrubHub shows you a lot of order information such as the total payout you can expect, including tips.

    We also like that orders are prepaid, meaning you don’t have to handle any cash or payment.

    Sign up to deliver with Grubhub here.

    grubhub app65. Make Money Freelancing on Fiverr

    Money: $4 to $100s per project with Fiverr

    Fiverr is a good place to find quick gigs you can complete within a few days.

    You can offer your paid help in everything from designing a logo, to posing with a product, to designing a website, to data entry, to translation.

    You’ll create a virtual storefront showcasing your services to potential buyers. Fiverr takes a percentage of your sales.

    66. Make Money Delivering with Shipt

    Money: $15 to $22 per hour with Shipt

    With Shipt you’ll go supermarket shopping and deliver to your customers. You’ll be an independent contractor, so you can choose when you want to work.

    Check our full Shipt shopper review.

    As of now, we recommend Shipt as a back-up to delivering with Instacart. Use your free agent status to pick the highest-paying gigs from either app!

    67. Make Money Delivering for Pizza Shops

    Money: $10 to $15 per hour depending on tips

    Check out jobs at the major pizza chains such as:

    You also have smaller pizza restaurants in your area. They might need your paid help too.

    My friend delivered pizza when he was younger and liked it as a pretty relaxed way to make money. Here’s another account of a pizza driver with fond memories that I found amusing: what it’s like being a pizza delivery driver.

    68. Make Money Entering Contests

    Money: exciting cash and prizes, if you win.

    This can be a fun way to make money without a job. But then again, some people who consistently win contests do treat it like their job!

    There’s a strategy to this money-making technique.

    Here are a few:

    • On Twitter and Instagram, search for terms like giveaway, RT to win, and win tickets
    • Radio stations run a lot of contests; college radio usually has fewer listeners so those might be easier to win
    • Make a separate email for the contest and join newsletters from big brands who run contests
    • Pay attention to your food packaging. Sometimes they announce contests.
    • Enter writing contests such as these if you have the talent
    • Keep an eye out for the Air Guitar Championships and other unusual contests

    69. Make Money Starting Your Own Delivery Service

    Money: set your own rates, most likely $15 to $25 per hour with Dumpling

    After you’ve tried restaurant delivery with Postmates and/or DoorDash, you might be tempted to think you can do it better!

    If you can, you’ll keep more of the money you make.

    The reason everyone doesn’t jump ship from Postmates and DoorDash to do it themselves is because you’d have to get enough of your own customer base to make it worth it.

    But it might be worth a shot if you’re motivated.

    Dumpling provides you with a website and app. Your customers order through it. You pick which stores and restaurants to service. You decide how much you want to charge.

    Learn how to start your own delivery service with Dumpling.

    70. Make Money with a Personal Coaching Site

    Money: $25 to $100s per session

    Think of coaching as being a more personalized instructor, plus you’re a motivator and strategist.

    If you have expertise and successful experience in a field, others may want you to coach them.

    You might coach online or in-person on subjects such as

    • life success
    • business
    • dating and relationships
    • fitness and weight loss
    • sports

    You’ll probably want to establish a website. Use Bluehost or Hostgator. But you can start by creating educational YouTube videos and let people know you’re accepting clients over Skype, Whatsapp, etc.

    This can be a really enjoyable way to make money. You’re mentoring someone and helping them improve their life.

    71. Make Money Promoting Walmart Delivery or Curbside Pick Up

    Money: $10 worth of groceries per person you sign-up to Walmart

    Three easy steps:

    1. Sign-up for Walmart grocery delivery/curbside pick-up
    2. Place your order (I use this service and I love it)
    3. Get your personalized referral code

    Then tell your friends, family, and social media followers to use your link and they’ll get $10 off and you’ll earn $10 too.

    72. Rent Out Space on Your Land

    Money: $50+ per booking

    Do you live on a large parcel of land, have a great view, or live remotely? In general, these can be detriments to getting into the city for delivery and grocery work – but not for making money through HipCamp! Rent out some space on your land to hikers and campers, and the sky is the limit (within reason!) to how much you can earn.

    Check out HipCamp here.

    73. Make Money Selling Blood and/or Plasma

    Money: $20 per donation and $200 per month

    You can find places to donate and save lives here:

    74. Make Money Selling Sperm/Eggs

    Money: $50 to $100 per sperm sample, up to $1,000 per month. $6,000 to $100,000 for eggs

    It’s not as simple as showing up and offering your essence. Males will likely need to be in good health and under 40 years old.

    Females will likely be asked a lot of personal questions to see if their eggs are desired by potential customers. For women, the egg process can be difficult – a reputable agency will walk you through all of the risks before you embark on this potentially lucrative process.

    75. Make Money Betting on Your Own Exercise

    Money: Losing money to winning $100s with Stepbet

    Sure, you can place friendly bets with your buddies. But it’s the 21 century, so there’s an app for that! Wager against others. Use the app as a referee. There are weekly goals.

    Remember, you are putting money into the shared pot and if you don’t meet your goals you can lose the money.

    76. Make Money Betting on Your Weight Loss

    Money: Losing money to $100s with Waybetter Diet

    This looks pretty cool. The app has real people check scale readings to prevent cheaters. You might find this helpful if you absolutely hate losing money more than you like to eat junk food!

    77. Make Money Renting Out Your Parking Space

    Money: $75 to $300 per month with Neighbor

    Here are ways you can let people know you’re willing to rent out the parking space in your home for a fee:

    If you’re driving for Uber, Lyft, Instacart, etc., some of these apps let you rent out your space for hours during the day instead of by the month.

    78. Make Money Selling Your Giftcards

    Money: 50% to 80% of what’s left on your gift card

    GiftcardGranny is a site my friends have used to successfully sell their unused gift cards. (Personally, I use all the money on my cards.)

    79. Make Money Doing Small Tasks on Mechanical Turk

    Money: varies, example: 15 cents for a 15-second task. Likely $2 per hour or so.

    With Amazon Mechanical Turk, you make money doing little jobs online. You select the jobs you want, such as:

    • data entry
    • taking surveys
    • translating
    • tagging objects in an image

    80. Make Money as a House Sitter

    Money: $20 to $100 per day

    Try listing your services on a site like Housesitter.

    Some home owners will pay you to care for their house while they are gone. They might be away for weeks or months. The home owners might be ask you to:

    • occupy the home so burglars don’t think it’s a vacant target
    • care for pets
    • care for plants
    • mow the lawn and keep the house in good condition

    81. Make Money Translating

    Money: $20 to $30 per hour

    You can make more money when you specialize. For instance, there are people who can translate English into Spanish. But there are fewer people who can translate complex scientific documents from English to Japanese.

    To find make money as a translator try sites like

    82. Make Money as a Surrogate

    Money: $35,000 to $45,000

    Women who qualify usually are between 21 and 45 years old and in good physical, mental, and emotional health. It also helps if you’ve had a previously successful pregnancy.

    Here is more information about how to become a surrogate mother.

    83. Make Money Selling Your Hair

    Money: $300 to $3,000

    Women and men can sell their long hair for money. Unfortunately, I have no hair to sell. But if you have a foot or more of lovely locks, you can sell it for good money.

    Healthy hair fetches more money. In hair jargon, “virgin” hair means it’s never been colored, permed, etc. Virgin hair will earn you more money.

    make money selling your hair

    List your hair for sale on sites like:

    84. Make Money Being in a Clinical Study

    Money: $10 to $100+ per hour

    Get paid by participating your body in a clinical trial. For example, you might give blood that scientists will study.

    One place to find paid studies is the NIH Clinical Center. Or call its Office of Patient Recruitment at 800-411-1222.

    You can also reach out to large public universities near you, as they are nearly always looking for people to study and test. They’ll ask you what you’re comfortable with before testing anything, don’t worry!

    85. Make Money Being in a Psychological Study

    Money: $10 to $100+ per hour

    Certain psychological studies can be conducted online.

    Try resources to find paid studies such as

    86. Make Money as a Public Speaker

    Money: $25 to $1000s per speaking engagement

    Conventions, universities, corporations, local business associations, and more all seek public speakers.

    If you have useful information or an amazing, inspirational story to share, you might want to become a public speaker.

    Hone your skills at Toastmasters and open mics.

    If public speaking isn’t available, you can use your speaking skills to sell webinars.

    To market yourself, you’ll want to make a strong reputation for yourself in your field. For instance, our founder Harry has done public speaking events on topics such as driving for Uber and how to create a money-making website that helps people.

    You can actually see Harry speak live at a conference called FinCon here – make sure to check out FinCon, because there are even more money-making and money-saving tips at that conference!

    Public speaking is fun because you’ll feel brave and you get instant feedback from your audience. When you do a great job, you’ll feel rewarded with gratitude — and money!

    To promote your public speaking business you’ll likely want to consider creating

    87. Make Money Creating and Selling Custom T-shirts Online

    Money: $0 to $100s per month

    This can be a passive income stream after you’ve set it up. That’s because most of the work is in designing a cool shirt. Customers can buy that same shirt design for years and years.

    You don’t have to risk money up front or hold inventory when you use systems that will take a percentage of your sales.

    You can explore:

    88. Make Money Finding Unclaimed Money Owed to You

    I’ve done this and it worked for me! You might have money that a government agency hasn’t disbursed to you. Try sites such as

    89. Make Money Buying and Selling Internet Domains / Flipping Internet Domains

    Money: might lose $1 or more, to making thousands of dollars

    If you’re creative or watch the news this could be a lucrative way to make money. Simply put you:

    1. Think up domain names a company will want to buy for lots of money
    2. Buy one from GoDaddy
    3. Sell it on a site like Sedo

    When you’re on top of news developments and trends, you can guess what words and phrases companies will want to buy. I suggest you study this a bit before spending a lot of money!

    90. Make Money Selling for a Multi-level Marketing Company

    Money: $0 to thousands of dollars per month

    The good part when selling for a multi-level marketing (MLM) company is that there usually aren’t many requirements. That can also be a bad part for you.

    To really succeed, you need sales and marketing skills. When I was in high school I joined a legitimate MLM company selling vitamins and it was a real-life education for me.

    Any MLM promising you’ll get rich quick or make money easily is probably a scam. Selling products to only friends and family is not a strategy.

    My suggestion is to do your research and learn as much as you can about sales, marketing, and the product you’re selling. Some of the more famous MLM companies today are:

    • Mary Kay Cosmetics
    • Herbalife
    • Scentsy
    • Pampered Chef

    I want to remind you again that MLMs are real work. Do not invest a ton of money until you prove to yourself that you can actually sell the stuff.

    91. Make Money Handing Out Flyers

    Money: ~$10 per hour, or perhaps 10 cents per flyer, so $1,000 to hand out 10,000 flyers

    Contact local businesses to see if they want your help. You can also look for flyering jobs on Craigslist.

    Beware that some people might dislike your line of work because they don’t like paper being thrust upon them. However, some businesses do like flyers because they can expect 1% to 3% of people become customers.

    Look for companies in your area who already spend money advertising. This can be restaurant owners, real estate agents, car dealerships, and more.

    You can hand out flyers to people passing by or put them under windshield wipers in the parking lot.

    92. Make Money with Your Expert Answers

    Money: $2 to $5 per answer on JustAnswers

    JustAnswers is a way to make quick money. People ask questions on JustAnswers when seeking expert replies. These people are willing to pay for the right guidance. You’ll get a piece of what they pay.

    While you might expect lots of opportunities for attorneys, accountants, and doctors, there are also questions for people who know about car mechanics, how to fix appliances, how to use computer software, and more.

    You’ll need credentials. Certifications help you get approved but it could be worth a shot if you have years of experience in a field.

    93. Make Money as a Fitness Trainer

    Money: $18 to $50 per hour

    You can usually charge more if you’re certified but there are many ways to build a client roster. You can start by charging a very reasonable fee and then gain more clients through word of mouth and raise your rates.

    You can also promote yourself on a site such as FitnessTrainer or to your local neighbor on Nextdoor.

    94. Make Money Coding and Developing Apps

    Money: $100,000+ per year with experience, $50,000+ for an entry-level job

    This is a career path. If you have ideas for amazing apps but don’t know how to actually make an app… you might want to learn!

    Coding AKA computer programming and software development is in high demand. You can start your own company or work for just about any major corporation once you have the skills.

    I used to do some computer programming back in the day and I really enjoyed it. My favorite aspects were problem-solving, creativity, and thinking logically.

    Popular computer languages to learn today are

    • Python
    • Java
    • C/C++
    • JavaScript

    For just $19 you can learn Python on Teachable.

    There are lots of resources to learn on sites like Udemy and edX.

    95. Make Money Making Music for Podcasts and YouTube Shows

    Money: $25+ per song on Fiverr

    Lots of podcasts and YouTube channels want a cool intro song or theme song. Put your musical talents to use and list yourself on Fiverr.

    96. Make Money Making Music on Soundcloud

    Money: ~$3 per 1,000 streams of your song + merchandising

    Upload your music to Soundcloud and when you qualify, Soundcloud will pay you as more people listen to your songs.

    You can also add links to your profile to ask for financial support through services like Venmo, GoFundMe, PayPal and Cash App.

    Once you get a loyal following you can start selling merchandise like t-shirts.

    97. Make Money Playing Video Games on Twitch

    Money: $0 to thousands of dollars per month

    On Twitch you can stream your video game play and commentary. Similar to YouTube, you won’t make much money until build an audience, although you can ask people to support you through Patreon or encourage them to pay through Patreon and talk to you through a personal Discord chat.

    After you’ve got an audience, you can charge monthly subscription fees and collect advertising money.

    98. Make Money Giving Relationship Advice

    Money: $5 to $100+ per job on Fiverr

    You can list your services on a site like Fiverr. You might begin by charging a very modest fee. Then collect wonderful reviews from happy customers. Then increase your price for new people.

    You can offer help like

    • improve their dating site profile
    • listen to their relationship problem and help
    • give your perspective on how to improve their dates

    99. Make Money Doing Tarot Readings

    Money: $5 to $10 per tarot reading

    You can learn how to read tarot cards with a course like this one at Teachable.

    Then showcase your tarot reading services on Fiverr.

    Help people see the future of their health, wealth, and love.

    100. Make Money Editing Podcasts and YouTube Videos

    Money: $5 to $30 per job

    Some podcast producers and YouTube creators don’t have the time or patience to properly edit their content. That’s where you come in.

    You’ll use editing software to trim out the mistakes and unwanted bits.

    List your services on a site like Fiverr.

    101. Make Money Collecting Unemployment

    Money: anywhere from $250 to $1,000+ per week depending on your state

    Rideshare drivers should check out our article about Uber driver unemployment. Our reader Lynn says she’s getting $835 per week when adding up state and federal unemployment help.

    See the US government site for information about unemployment and whether you’re eligible for extended health benefits.

    Now here are common questions about how to make money fast.

    How can I make $200 fast?

    How can I make $100 a day?

    How can I make $1000 fast?

    Make money fast today?

    How to make money online for beginners

    • Promote cash back apps on your social media like Rakuten
    • Take surveys – Swagbucks is an easy way to earn
    • Data entry – try Clickworker or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
    • Sell your photos on DepositPhotos
    • Review new music
    • Sell your old phones and electronics – try Decluttr
    • Promote GetUpside on your social media to help people save money on gas
    • Promote Swagbucks online
    • Publicize your Ibotta code for money savings
    • Market your Freebird code for savings
    • Let people know about your Fetch Rewards code
    • Tell everyone how to save with the Drop app
    • Get $10 to sign-up with the Checkout 51 app
    • Promote the Dosh app

    How to make quick money in one day

    Creative ways to make money

    • Stream your video game play on Twitch
    • Read tarot cards for people
    • Give dating advice on Fiverr
    • Become a freelance writer for websites or share your original work on a site like Medium and get paid
    • Buy and sell website domain names
    • Be a logo designer
    • Bet on your exercise goals with Waybetter Stepbet
    • Win contests on Twitter, Instagram and the radio
    • Make money as a photographer

    Ideas to make money

    • Gig delivery job with Instacart
    • Postmates and DoorDash
    • Sell your things on Craigslist or OfferUp
    • Make a course on Teachable
    • Drive passengers: Uber, Lyft, Via
    • Blog Publisher – Bluehost or Hostgator
    • Freelancer writer – take the Earn More Writing Course
    • Get $10 to sign-up with the Checkout 51 app
    • Virtual Assistant – take the 10KVA course
    • Become a Bookkeeper course
    • Be a proofreader – take this Proofread Anywhere course
    • Stream video games on Twitch
    • Read tarot cards
    • Provide dating advice on Fiverr
    • Buy and sell website domain names
    • Make custom logos for companies
    • Bet on your exercise goals with Waybetter Stepbet
    • Win contests on Twitter and radio
    • Make money as a photographer
    • Promote cash back apps on your social media like Rakuten
    • Take paid surveys with Swagbucks
    • Data entry
    • Sell your photos
    • Review new music
    • Sell your electronics
    • Promote GetUpside on your social media to help people save money on gas
    • Promote Swagbucks online
    • Publicize your Ibotta code for money savings
    • Market your Freebird code for savings
    • Let people know about your Fetch Rewards code
    • Tell everyone how to save with the Drop app
    • Promote the Dosh app

    How to make money online for free

    • Promote the Rakuten cash back app on your social media
    • Take surveys using Swagbucks
    • Data entry – try Clickworker or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
    • Sell your pictures
    • Review new music
    • Sell your old phones and electronics – try Decluttr

    Real ways to make money from home

    • Publish a blog using Bluehost or Hostgator
    • Create an email newsletter using ConvertKit. You’ll eventually sell them products and services
    • Promote cash back apps on your social media such as Rakuten
    • Participate in online surveys with Swagbucks
    • Perform online micro-tasks with Clickworker or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk
    • Review new music for SliceThePie
    • Create a video course and sell it on Teachable
    • Do live teaching seminars with WebinarJam where you answer student questions at the end

    Online surveys for money

    Make money instantly?

    More Opportunities to Make Money

    More ways to make money?

    Do you have a proven way to make money not already on my list? Please add it to the comments to help everyone out!

    Scott Lieberman

    Scott Lieberman

    Scott Lieberman has over a decade of successful editing and writing experience, specializing in personal finance, working remotely, credit cards, and travel.