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Nickelytics is a car advertising service where personal drivers and rideshare drivers can use their vehicles to advertise for partner companies. Drivers with a clean driving record and newer vehicles can earn extra money for participating in monthly ad campaigns.


  • Financial earnings
  • Variety of campaigns
  • Free wrap installations
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Stack gig economy work


  • Privacy concerns
  • Tracking inaccuracy
  • Limited campaign opportunities
  • Violation of some rideshare company terms of service (TOS)

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Found in 2019, Nickelytics offers an effective way for drivers to make money and for advertisers to connect to consumers in real life. Gigging for this app, you’ll get paid when you drive to work, for work, or as you go about your other everyday activities.

Drivers are paid per ad campaign, based on the campaign budget and type of advertisements placed on your vehicle.

What Is Nickelytics?

Nickelytics is a car-wrap advertising business that enables personal drivers and gig drivers to earn money for using their vehicles to advertise for brand campaigns.

It offers a variety of different methods to wrap your car:

  • Full car wraps
  • Partial wraps
  • Flocks or fleet branding (full car wraps for fleets of vehicles)
  • Event promotion

Brands and ad agencies who use Nickelytics appreciate its effectiveness and affordability for deployment in hyperlocal campaigns. Over 4,400 companies use Nickelytics for marketing campaigns. Truly omnichannel, customers exposed to Nickelytics car wrap branding are 2.8x more likely to engage online or in app with the advertised company afterward.

Nickelytics then uses enhanced attribution tools to measure exposure and target consumers with remarketing ads.

How It Works

Here’s a quick rundown of how Nickelytics works for drivers.

Install the App

Download the free Nickelytics app for your iPhone or Android to sign up. You’ll share some basic information about your vehicle and driving habits.

Currently, this is the data that you will need to provide:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number (for a background check)
  • Driver’s license license (for Motor Vehicle Records)
  • Vehicle VIN number

The Nickelytics team will review your information and let you know if you are approved to drive for them.

Start Driving

Nickelytics will analyze your driving habits — how many miles you drive per day and where. The app collects this data to find the brands that best align with your routes and driving habits.

Get Your Car Wrapped

When an ad campaign becomes available in your market, Nickelytics will notify you by text message and by email. Make sure to follow up right away.

Then, you’ll get your car wrapped. There are custom-install or self-install options. Nickelytics partners with body shops or other similar businesses that do full-body or custom-installation wraps. There are no costs; Nickelytics pays upfront for the installation and removal of the wrap. Some decals you may be able to install and remove yourself.

Starting Advertising

After your car is wrapped, start earning money for the ad campaign. You will need to log into the app on your phone and enable GPS tracking. Nickelytics’ advertisers can see your GPS coordinates for all driving time. Once you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll get paid.

Nickelytics Support

You can connect with the Nickelytics team in a few different ways:

  • Phone: 1 (863) 509-5863
  • Email: info@com
  • Web form: Fill out the contact form on the Nickelytics contact page.

How Much Can You Make with Nickelytics?

It depends on the type of campaign the advertiser runs, the size of the car wraps they use, and your metro area. Top campaigns pay up to $500 for every month you drive your car wrapped in a Nickelytics ad, but most drivers earn closer to $175 to $250 per month.

Tips to Earn More with Nickelytics

Although you can’t get rich doing Nickelytics, you can make decent money at it and use some of the following best practices to maximize your earnings.

  • Drive regularly. Payment is based on how much you drive so it’s beneficial to use your car regularly. This means driving it consistently and taking your normal routes.
  • Choose high-exposure routes. Driving through high-traffic areas will increase the visibility of your ads and increase your earning potential. Don’t start driving to new locations just for Nickelytics. The idea is to earn money for something you’re already doing — with perhaps some small tweaks like taking a slightly busier route to and from the office.
  • Keep your car clean. The advertising will be more attractive and effective if shown on a clean, presentable car. Better performance — more leads — could lead to more advertising campaigns with better pay and longer durations.
  • Go for long campaigns. Whenever possible, go for longer-duration campaigns. They usually pay more than shorter ones, and you can spend more time just driving and less time getting your car wrapped and unwrapped.
  • Be open to all ad formats. This flexibility will make you eligible for more ad campaigns.
  • Learn the app. While straightforward enough, make sure to get familiar with all the different features of the Nickelytics app to use it most effectively in tracking your routes.
  • Stay watchful. Check the app regularly for new advertising opportunities and updates, and respond to email and text alerts right away.

Pros and Cons of Nickelytics

Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of using Nickelytics to make money for placing ads on your car.


  • Financial earnings: Earn an extra $1,800 to $6,000 per year
  • Ease of use: Just drive like you usually do and earn. Except for getting the car wrap put on, it’s a passive way to make money.
  • Stack gig economy work: Nickelytics is open to non-gig workers but especially interested in those who drive for Uber, Uber Eats, Lyft, Amazon Flex, Postmates, GrubHub, DoorDash, or other similar services.
  • Free wrap installations: Wraps are professionally installed at local garages and body shops with the work paid for by Nickeltics.
  • Variety of campaigns: Rotation of different campaigns for a range of advertising companies. They are custom-tailored to your routes and driving habits.
  • Available in all 50 states.


  • Limited campaign opportunities: Some drivers complain that they don’t get as many campaigns as they would like.
  • Privacy concerns: Both Nickelytics and their advertising agency partners are tracking your location and have information on personal data.
  • Violation of some rideshare company terms of service (TOS): Although Nickeltytics specifically seeks out rideshare and delivery drivers, many of these companies specifically ban any form of advertising on your car in their TOS.
  • Tracking inaccuracies: The app has a 4-star rating in Google Play (over 5,000 downloads) with numerous users complaining the app tracking does not work and shows their mileage at 0.

Nickelytics Customer Reviews

Here’s what drivers have to say about using Nickelytics to turn their car into a driving billboard.

Very easy to use! Very self explanatory. you upload everything to your profile and after it's done you drive around and get paid to do it! It tracks wherever you record your miles you hit start and stop... Awesome app and an awesome company to work for!
Holland Marone Google Play Store

I had the app for over a month. The tracking is terrible and VERY inaccurate. Never received any offers or anything so deleted it since it wasn't worth the time or space on my phone.
Brittni Collins Google Play Store

(Rideshare) TOS restrict you from having any advertising on your vehicle. Only takes one pax to report you for you to be deactivated, especially if they snap a photo.
LeggoMyEggo Reddit

Nickelytics Alternatives

Other legitimate companies will also pay you for putting advertisements on your car.


Similar to Nickelytics and Carvertise, Wrapify pays you to drive around with ads on your car. Founded in 2015, Wrapify is a trusted company that offers decent payouts. Drivers are paid every other week via direct deposit and can earn $196 to $452 per month for a campaign with pay based on the decal size (full or partial wrap) and how often you drive.

If you don’t want to tattoo your entire car, Wrapify also offers a lite coverage option (a small section of the vehicle) that pays $181 to $280 per month.

Learn More about Wrapify


Founded in 2012, Carvertise pays eligible drivers up to $300 a month for wrapping their cars in decals and other ads. The app tracks your miles driven and payment is made monthly via direct deposit.


Since 2013, Sticker Ride has offered drivers a reliable way to earn rewards for driving their cars with advertisements on it. You won’t directly earn cash. Drivers earn points that can be used to pay for real-world auto expenses like car insurance, oil changes, or you can even convert the points to cash. Point earnings vary based on your location, type of car, miles driven, and type of ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OOH mean?

OOH stands for out-of-home impression. It refers to outdoor advertising like billboards, posters, signage, and car wraps.

Does using Nickelytics violate Uber’s terms and conditions?

Kind of. In Uber’s vehicle requirements, it lists “no commercial branding” as a vehicle must-have. However, Uber also offers drivers the chance to earn more money — up to 15% more revenue — with car top advertising and has specific terms and conditions just for cartop ads.

Drivers have a mixed view. Some online sources claim that Uber permits car wrap advertising like Wrapify. On forums like Quora and Reddit, you’ll find drivers that swear advertising definitely is — or definitely is not — allowed.

Many drivers point out that millions of Uber drivers also have Lyft stickers and free advertising for car dealerships — and what constitutes “commercial branding” is subjective. Uber does not define what constitutes commercial branding on drivers’ cars, only that it’s not permitted.

So it could come down to personal interpretation of *Uber’s stance. It does sound like Uber will allow (or not disallow) ad wraps on your vehicle if they are clearly ads and do not confuse riders or make it difficult to identify your vehicle.

*Our editorial team has contacted Uber for clarification and will provide any updates.

What’s better, Carvertise or Nickelytics?

It’s a matter of preference as both offer drivers a similar way to earn cash just for driving, with their vehicle covered in car wrap advertisements.

Carvertise targets high-mileage drivers like rideshare and food delivery drivers, and will accept slightly older cars, and campaigns often last longer. Many campaigns can last for 1-6 months and partner brands are often national labels that have included Buffalo Wild Wings, Coca-Cola, and Huggies.

By contrast, Nickelytics focuses on a more diverse range of campaign types, including brand ambassadorships and event-based campaigns. Campaigns tend to be shorter, offer more variety, and the ability to earn more money per month.

In terms of app store reviews, Nickelytics wins. It has a marginally higher average review score in Google Play (2.4 stars compared to 2.3 stars). And in iTunes, Nickelytics has a 3.4-star average rating compared to 2.2 for Carvertise.