I recently listened to an interview on the Pivot Schooled podcast with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi – it was a very good interview! Today’s episode is going to be a little different – I’m going to play parts of the Pivot Schooled podcast and provide my comments. Hopefully, you like this different format – let me know either way!

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    Intro to This Episode

    • Scott from Pivot Schooled is not a fan of the gig economy!
    • How could this go?
    • This was a combo interview – previous interview also commented on gig economy
    • This episode was recorded pre-Uber potential shutdown in  California

    How Do Drivers Feel About AB5?

    • Some people prefer to pretend drivers don’t understand questions about AB5
    • Those questions are simple – do you want to be an employee or IC?
    • Don’t pretend like the drivers ‘don’t understand’
    • Govt bailed out gig workers – drivers aren’t seeing the flaws of the gig economy

    Income Inequality and Uber

    • Scott’s figures for driver income sounds about right – there is variability though
    • Total agreement on this point – in the real world, employee-jobs don’t offer a ton of flexibility
    • Dara knows a lot about the driver experience

    Uber’s Ultimatum

    • Uber and Lyft have known since January that they need to classify drivers as employees
    • Didn’t have to happen like this, even though Uber/Lyft did get a stay
    • Doesn’t agree when Uber says things like this, or ‘the market sets the rate’ – not quite true

    Acquisitions & Reader Questions

    • Discusses Postmates acquisition and, in general, profitability of delivery
    • Driverless cars? Very hard tech to build
    • Dara might be saying they messed up – there’s no way this is close
    • 3-5 years until you begin to see anything even basic


    • Fun format – thanks for sticking around and taking a listen!
    • What do you think of the format of this episode? Like it or not? Let me know!

    Show Notes

    Harry Campbell

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