RSG007: Ryder Pearce on Maximizing Your Income With Sherpa

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4 min read

    4 min read

    I’m super excited today to release this podcast interview with Ryder Pearce, co-founder of Sherpa.  I did a short interview with him almost 5 months ago when this site was still in its infancy and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve both come since then.  As you guys know, my site is all about helping drivers be more efficient and earn more by working smarter, not harder.  So I’m always looking for people to interview or topics to talk about that will help drivers out there become better at what they do and more efficient too!

    It was a pleasure to interview Ryder about Sherpa because their goals align nicely with everything that I preach: diversifying your income, using data to be a more efficient driver, driving for multiple TNC’s, etc.  During the podcast, Ryder also broke some news about the future of Sherpa and a new company that they’re going to be partnering with.  It’s actually one that I’ve had on my radar so make sure that you stay tuned for that news.

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    Summary of the Show: Maximizing Your Income With Sherpa: An Interview With Co-Founder Ryder Pearce


    Getting To Know Ryder Pearce and Sherpa

    • What is Sherpa Share and how does it work?
    • Work Smarter, Not Harder!
    • How many drivers drive for both Lyft and Uber based off Sherpa’s data?
    • Sherpa’s new partnership with Sidecar
    • Diversify between all the top rideshare companies!
    • How to get control over your income stream with Sherpa data


    • Sherpa’s newest partner(s)
    • Sherpa aims to be the one stop shop for rideshare drivers
    • My favorite sandwich shop ever: Bay Cities 🙂
    • Maximizing data from Sherpa to make the most money

    Sherpa’s Growth and Challenges

    • 5000 drivers in the past 5 months have signed up for Sherpa
    • What to do about all the new rideshare companies popping up
    • City Metrics and Trends from Sherpa
    • Why Sherpa is so easy for me to promote
    • Will people ever have to pay for Sherpa?
    • Sherpa is now in Australia!

    The Future of Sherpa

    • Supporting everyone and everyone they work for
    • Looking for feedback
    • Sherpa’s Ambassador Program
    • Instant feedback
    • Ryder’s number one tip for rideshare drivers to boost earnings and be a better driver.


    • Big thanks to Ryder for coming on the podcast
    • Give me feedback on the length of the show please 🙂
    • Drivers need to take advantage of free resources like Sherpa
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    Show Notes:

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    So drivers what do you think about Sherpa and our interview with Ryder?  Have you signed up yet and if so, what’s your experience been like so far?  If not, what are you waiting for?!

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