RSG014: What Can Rideshare Drivers Learn From The Demise Of The Taxi Industry?

By February 16, 201521 Comments


    Even though this is technically a rideshare podcast and most of my listeners and readers are Uber and Lyft drivers I still think there is a lot that can be learned from the taxi industry.

    I don’t know if there’s anyone that actually prefers a taxi over Uber/Lyft but there are definitely plenty of taxis still around.  In fact, we all have our stereotypes about what it’s like to ride in a taxi but I wanted to find out what the taxi companies have to say about them.


    In today’s podcast, I interview the owner of a successful taxi company in Asheville, North Carolina and get his thoughts on the rideshare takeover of the taxi industry.  This was a really insightful interview for me because it gave me a look into what it’s like to run a taxi business.  It’s crazy to hear about the obstacles taxis face and the hoops they have to jump through that we as rideshare drivers take for granted.  I learned a ton on this podcast and I think you will too so enjoy!


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    Our Guest: Woody McKee of AVL Taxi Co.

    • How he became the owner of a successful taxi business in North Carolina
    • Challenges of owning and running a taxi company
    • Are regulations to blame for the the tough conditions that taxi companies face?
    • How similar are taxi drivers and Uber/Lyft drivers?

    Is Rideshare The Better Model?

    • Taxis can never scale up to meet peak demand
    • Insurance issues and differences
    • Why do Uber and Lyft get to operate under different regulations than taxis?

    Will Taxi Companies Survive?

    • Should taxi companies be fighting Uber/Lyft or government regulators?
    • Taxis will never be able to compete with an unlimited fleet of Uber drivers
    • There will always be a niche market for taxis and planned rides

    Is UberX A Viable Option For Full Time Drivers?

    • UberX vs UberBlack
    • Lag time between earnings and calculating viability
    • Keep it fun


    • All my Twitter trolls
    • There are still a lot of problems with rideshare but give it some time
    • What can we learn from taxi drivers?
    • How taxis can save their industry
    • My video course

    Show Notes

    So what did you guys think of our interview with Woody from AVL Taxi?  Do you feel worse, better or about the same about taxis now?

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    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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