RSG025: What’s It Like To Be A Female Uber Driver With Tiffany Hudson-Stroup

This is an episode I’ve been wanting to record for a long time and I’m so glad I found Tiffany to bring on the podcast.  On today’s episode, Tiffany shares her experience about what it’s like driving for Uber and Lyft but from the perspective of a female rideshare driver.  As you guys know, I like to blog from experience and with this topic, I wasn’t really able to do that on my own.

Tiffany shared some things that I expected but there were a whole host of topics that she provided a ton of valuable insight on.  And just in case you’re wondering, this episode contains a lot of great advice not only for female drivers, but there are also some great strategies and tips that will help drivers of all sexes, ages and more.

RSG025- What's It Like To Be A Female Uber Driver With Tiffany Hudson-Stroup
RSG025- What’s It Like To Be A Female Uber Driver With Tiffany Hudson-Stroup

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  • As much as I try to incorporate my experience into podcasts, I’m not able to bring any perspective here, so I’m interviewing Tiffany to answer some of your questions about being a female rideshare driver
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About Tiffany Hudson-Stroup

  • Tulsa, OK Uber and Lyft driver, part-time rideshare driver while working full-time
  • No start up costs and flexibility were big factors in deciding to become a rideshare driver
  • Did have all the reasonable fears about rideshare driving, especially regarding drunk and belligerent people, being robbed, etc.
  • Has had a very positive time being a female rideshare driver, men have gone out of their way to be nice and keep their high passenger ratings

Tiffany’s Experience as a Rideshare Driver

  • Be the initiator when welcoming people into your car. You set the tone of the drive and don’t let them treat you poorly – this goes for female and male rideshare drivers
  • In Tulsa, people can expect to get you again as a driver, so typically people aren’t very rude
  • Find mentors as soon as you can, and get to know the areas where you’ll drive
  • Mentors will give you advice and help you feel more comfortable driving
  • Strongly recommend starting with Lyft before Uber, because Lyft offers mentors

Can You Bring Along a Husband or Boyfriend?: Concerns From New Women Drivers

  • This question comes up a lot, and the answer is always: No!
  • This is your business, your car, and you need all the room in the car
  • Any personality can do this job, but you have to own the job and embrace your style
  • Confidence will make any ride better – you don’t need to bring someone else along as long as you bring your confidence
  • If you’re uncomfortable, you can drive during the times of day you want. Don’t drive nights if you’re not comfortable with it, but work mornings and rush hour periods
  • You will get some weird people: drunk people, people who won’t get out of your car
  • In those cases, you need to know your area – where can you go that’s safe? Where’s the nearest police station? Is there a convenience store you could go to?

Advice for New & Current Drivers

  • Just don’t give up! Rideshare driving is constantly changing, but stay true to yourself
  • Take notes about what works for you and what doesn’t – this is your side business and take it seriously
  • Make people’s rides memorable
  • If you’re not sure, just try it. It’s free to try, and if you hate it, you never have to do it again
  • Consider carrying something to protect yourself
  • Have steps in place to keep yourself safe
  • Involve your spouse in the process – discuss concerns together, put an action plan in place in case something goes wrong while driving


  • Tiffany brought up a lot of great points being a female rideshare driver – if you have more questions, leave a comment below!
  • Every market has its unique set of challenges, but cities are pretty similar – get to know your city before driving
  • Any personality can do this job, but you have to have a certain attitude in order to be successful
  • Even though this episode focused on a woman driver’s perspective, Tiffany’s tips are applicable to all drivers
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Show Notes

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If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

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-Harry @ RSG