2018 was the year of the scooter. Here at RSG, one of our top posts was about how to be a Charger, and three of our top five videos on the YouTube channel were about scooters. Today, we’re going to get an update from someone who knows a ton about the industry, from charging scooters to writing about them.

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    • Today I’m chatting with Nick Abouzeid, a self-described scooter addict who lives in San Francisco
    • Nick has been riding, charging, tweeting and writing about scooters since day 1 and is well-versed in the Charger communities
    • Uber and Lyft are investing a ton of money right now into scooters and mobility
    • If you’ve been wondering how they fit in with the rideshare industry, keep reading!

    Interview with Nick Abouzeid

    • Nick Abouzeid is a scooter addict living in San Francisco
    • He used to cover early stage tech for Product Hunt and AngelList
    • One thing people don’t realize about scooters is 80-90% of the scooters on the streets today are made by the same company – literally they’re made in the same factory in China!
    • Became interested in scooters when he started seeing them on the streets, people riding them
    • Signed up to become a Charger

    Scooter Industry in 2019

    • Coverage definitely has died down, it’s hard to cover/be excited about it if you can’t get your hands on the product
    • Story also hasn’t changed much – Bird & Lime continue to raise money at bigger valuations
    • Both companies are expanding rapidly, globally
    • Challenges with growth (scooters in the rain/cold) but getting some of the best talent out there

    Leaders in the Scooter Industry

    • Bird, Lime and Uber (Jump) and Lyft
    • Sleeping giants
    • Skip, Scoot
    • Will need to eventually see profitability in this space

    Regulating the Industry

    • LA – regulations to control but also grow the industry
    • Santa Monica – flexible cap
    • San Francisco – caps
    • Many of the problems in this industry are solvable


    • Big thanks to Nick for coming on the podcast and sharing his knowledge of this industry
    • Nick brought a unique viewpoint and insight into this industry and definitely knows what he’s talking about
    • Is this industry all hype? I don’t think so – lots of room for improvement
    • Excited to see how scooter companies continue to work with cities and integrate with rideshare

    Show Notes

    -Harry @ RSG

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    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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