One of the best parts about being a rideshare driver is the flexibility. However, there are a few areas in which rideshare driving falls short, like upward movement and true career opportunities. In this episode, I’ll be talking to a former rideshare driver (and RSG contributor) about how he transitioned out of rideshare and into truck driving.

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    • Today I’m chatting with Jon Knope, contributor at large to RSG
    • Jon used to drive for rideshare, and now he works as a truck driver
    • If you’ve been curious to learn how truck driving is like rideshare driving, what it’s like to be a trucker (demand!) and the future of truck driving + autonomous vehicles, you’ll want to listen to this episode
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    Interview with Jon Knope

    • Currently a long-haul trucker, former rideshare driver and occasional RSG contributor
    • Started driving (rideshare) and working freelance after graduation from college
    • With trucking, was surprised by the long hours away from family – trade off, because hours are long but pay and healthcare benefits are good
    • Long haul trucking is similar to camping – it’s a lifestyle adjustment

    Quitting Uber and Lyft

    • Rideshare driving is inconsistent in terms of pay – with trucking, you know what you have to do everyday and how much you’ll make
    • Don’t have to put much thought into managing your time as a truck driver – you know where you’re supposed to be and when
    • This isn’t great if you value flexibility or being at home with your family every night, but it’s a good option if you want to be more nomadic, plus the pay is consistent

    Getting Started as a Truck Driver

    • Truck drivers are becoming more diverse – you can still find stereotypical truck drivers, but overall the profession is becoming younger and more diverse
    • All kinds of different programs and options for truck drivers, depending on what’s available in your area, your home base, how long you want to be on the road, etc.
    • Can train with a specific company or go to vocational school
    • Costs vary depending on which training method you choose

    Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

    • Pay! At Jon’s company, they guarantee pay of $50,000 in your first year of trucking
    • Helps if you want to qualify for a mortgage, etc.
    • The more you drive, the more you make (in terms of years/experience)
    • Additional certifications will bring in more money

    Cons of Being a Truck Driver

    • Your first year, you’re going to be on the road a lot – no getting around it
    • Driving standards are very strict – can’t have moving violations while truck driving if you want to progress and earn more
    • Special division of cops that hang out near trucker areas, looking for reasons to give you a ticket
    • Can’t hit anything, even something small – people looking to sue you/the company

    Life of a Truck Driver

    • As an introvert, it’s great! Very zen, no dealing with emails, passengers, etc.
    • Best person to be a truck driver? Someone who is patient!
    • Downside is not having a normal ‘house’ in the summer – idling is frowned on, which means you can’t use your A/C – gets hot!
    • You won’t be able to shower everyday, so if that’s important to you, then be aware
    • Can be both lonely but opportunities to chat if you want to – never alone at truck stops and there’s the radio, but otherwise, you are alone in your truck all day

    Future of Truck Driving

    • After the first year of driving, at a crossroads: go to another company, earn more, be closer to home?
    • Autonomous trucks definitely coming, but it’s some time off
    • Truck driving is great for people at a transitionary period in their lives
    • Right now, truck driving is white hot – can’t get enough drivers, but good times won’t last forever


    • Big thanks to Jon for coming on the podcast, I appreciated his perspective on another aspect of driving – truck driving
    • Whatever your situation is, it’s important to see that you have options, especially if you like driving, navigating, etc.
    • Trucking isn’t for everyone, but it could be really, really good for some people
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    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

    Harry Campbell

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