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    Growing a podcast, YouTube channel or a blog can be a daunting task – it’s easy to get started, but sticking to it for the long-haul takes dedication. Today’s guest started as a driver who shared simple videos about driving on YouTube. Today his YouTube channel is his full-time job and he makes a full-time living from it – and he says he’s still doing it all for fun!

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    • Today I’m chatting with Dustin, from the YouTube channel Dustin is Driving
    • Recently, Dustin broke the 20,000 subscriber mark on his YouTube channel – no small accomplishment!
    • If you’re wondering how he got started, grew his YouTube channel, and what he thinks of the overall future of Uber and Lyft, stay tuned
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    Interview with Dustin Nicol

    • Dustin is an HVAC technician by training, started driving 3 years ago
    • Dustin is Driving – YouTube channel
    • Working on becoming a real estate agent – diversifying is smart!
    • Favorite video is a parody video that shows people what can happen to rideshare drivers

    Driving in Florida

    • Has been driving for 3 years
    • Did HVAC on the side but it didn’t bring in enough, heard about Uber from a neighbor
    • Not a full time driver – mostly weekends
    • Started Dustin is Driving because there wasn’t a lot of information on the Florida market

    Dustin is Driving YouTube Channel

    • Channel is designed to be educational and entertaining
    • Tries to provide useful, actionable advice for other drivers
    • Tries to do a video a day as well as a live video to chat with the driver community
    • Didn’t plan on doing that many videos, but received so many questions or comments, had to answer them

    Success as a YouTuber

    • Continued to publish more videos, answering questions, responding to breaking news
    • Going from 0-1000 subscribers was the hardest – a video finally went viral
    • Makes around $1,500-2,500 a month from his YouTube channel – publishing one video/day
    • Does a lot of live videos and looking to do more

    Advice for Someone Starting a YouTube Channel

    • Go for it!
    • Do need to put work into your channel if you want it to grow
    • We’re just normal people – not special to start a YouTube channel!
    • Dustin records on his phone, no special equipment
    • If you can’t take criticism though, don’t do YouTube – lots of trolls, lots of haters

    The Future of Uber and Lyft

    • Drivers upset with Uber and Lyft – Uber Pro kind of failed
    • Don’t see autonomous vehicles coming any time soon – at least 10 years
    • Important to stay updated on the latest news and laws lawmakers are trying to pass


    • Big thanks to Dustin for coming on the podcast, recommend you subscribe to his YouTube channel if you don’t already (Show Notes below)
    • He’s got a great relationship with his audience and I’m glad I was finally able to get him on the podcast!
    • Simple is better than never getting started – create a bond with your audience
    • You can see not everything turns to gold, but you have to keep trying new things and be willing to try things out
    • Also, check out Zum – Zum is a rideshare service for kids – drivers can earn up to $32/hr and many make $750 a week. Check out Zum here!

    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

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    -Harry @ RSG

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