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    I’ve only been in the rideshare industry for five years, but in Uber and Lyft terms, that might as well be a lifetime! Over the last few years, the mobility industry has exploded – from cars to bikes to scooters, and even delivery by drone. However, all this innovation has come at a cost, with regulators trying to understand companies like Uber/Lyft. Today’s podcast guest has that regulatory background and has worked for 20+ years in the transportation. Let’s see what he has to say about the intersection of mobility and regulations.

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    • Today I’m chatting with Matthew Daus, the 10th commissioner and Chairman of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC)
    • He’s now partner and chair of transportation at Windels Marx Lane & Mittendorf, LLP
    • He does a lot! Looking forward to chatting with him about what he’s seen/experienced over the last 20 years and his thoughts on the rideshare industry
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    Interview with Matthew Daus

    • Former chair of the NYC TLC as well as President of the International Association of Transportation Regulators
    • Served as NYC Civil Service Commissioner
    • General counsel to a number of agencies over his 20+ years
    • Transportation technology chair at The City University of New York’s Transit Transportation Research Center

    Working in the Transportation Industry

    • Disconnect, especially among passengers, about what transit (of all types) really costs vs. how much riders are really paying
    • Currently, Matthew is working on a variety of projects from representing private mobility companies to working with government agencies
    • Interesting perspective because he sees it from the industry side, drivers’ side and government side
    • Framework at almost every level is broken/disjointed

    Being a Regulator in the Transportation Industry

    • Everything has come up a little chaotic – all over the place and there is still a lot of miscommunication
    • Moving toward a direction of seamless integration, but getting access to data still challenging
    • Automation is coming, but there is going to be a lot of unraveling of TNCs, like what we’re seeing in California
    • The way that transit is moving, we are going to need transportation leadership in each state to manage what’s coming

    Working with Cities + Governments

    • Smart cities hackathon, working with data and seeing how to improve/effectively use taxis, TNCs, etc.
    • Working with students from different universities to collect and analyze data
    • Helping cities plan for labor disruptions due to technology
    • Working with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to streamline transit

    Future for Transportation Companies

    • Things are certainly changing in the industry – gig economy
    • The answer may not be an employee/employer relationship, but you see changes coming to the industry
    • Drivers need to be respected, that’s clear
    • Everyone needs to work together to see how this can benefit all


    • Big thanks to Matt for coming on the podcast – as you gathered, he’s working on a lot and I’m excited to see what he does in the future
    • Also, check out Zum – Zum is a rideshare service for kids – drivers can earn up to $32/hr and many make $750 a week. Check out Zum here!

    Show Notes

    If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, please click here.

    Harry Campbell

    Harry Campbell

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