As you may know, I’ve been on semi-paternity leave since the birth of our baby, Henry (you can see a photo of him on my Instagram page here). In this week’s episode, I’m turning it over to the Chief Operating Officer of The Rideshare Guy, Scott Lieberman, to interview the co-founder and COO, Wayne Lin, from GetUpside. The GetUpside app is insanely popular with our audience and it’s a great way to save money on gas. 

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    • Today I’m talking with Wayne Lin
    • Co-Founder and COO of GetUpside
    • Talking about discounts on gas, food and more
    • We’ll cover what makes GetUpside different from other cash back apps

    Intro to Wayne Lin

    • Previously worked at Google
    • MBA from Wharton School of Business
    • Started GetUpside to focus on ‘everyday spend’ categories
    • Looked for ways to help people save money on basics – more useful!

    What Makes GetUpside Different

    • Useful categories, like food, gas, etc.
    • Personalized offers
    • Can stack with GetUpside – not limited!
    • Stores do this because they want your business

    How GetUpside Works for Merchants

    • Merchants want to grow their businesses!
    • GetUpside brings them new customers
    • Helps get existing customers to shop more often
    • Uses data to help the merchants

    Future of Personalization & Data

    • At first it was segmentation at a finer scale
    • We’re getting to the point where we can do one-to-one personalization level
    • Linking it all together – let customers make money off their own data
    • GetUpside and other companies are looking to bring all of this together

    Ultra-Personalization & Introducing People to New Products

    • Getting people out of their own echo chambers is important
    • Difficult problem to solve, but luckily GetUpside doesn’t fall into that entirely
    • Randomization is key for GetUpside
    • Understanding preferences but introduced randomness to see what you’re interested in

    Challenges for GetUpside

    • Adapting to COVID-19 era
    • How to help Americans who have lost jobs save more money
    • Help businesses re-establish customers, bring customers in and grow
    • Need to scale in order to do all of these things

    Building an App Like GetUpside

    • If you want to build an app, we learned some lessons
    • Don’t overbuild – it’s all about speed – don’t focus on perfection!
    • Get feedback and improve from there
    • Customer is always right – if people can’t figure out your app, make it better

    How to Earn Money with GetUpside

    • Referral program – very simple!
    • Refer friends & family – they get a bonus, you get a bonus
    • Every time your friends & family use GetUpside, you get a small percent of what they’ve bought
    • You’re helping them save money, you’re not selling them anything they don’t need


    • Big thanks to Wayne for coming on the podcast!
    • Make sure to sign up with GetUpside if you’re looking to save more at the pump and while shopping

    Show Notes

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