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    Many people get into the gig economy for flexibility – flexibility of time, ability to earn, etc. But it’s clear that the gig economy also leaves something to be desired: namely, benefits. Today, I’ll be talking with Nick Katz of Kover, a portable benefits company for gig workers. 

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    Intro to Nick Katz

    • Head of Development at Kover
    • Spent most of his career making partnerships around the gig economy
    • Worked at EventBrite and almost every major gig marketplace
    • Kover focuses on providing a financial safety net for gig workers

    What Does Kover Do for Gig Workers?

    • Kover is an income protection product
    • If you get into an accident or deactivated, Kover replaces the income you would have earned
    • Bridge gap and prevent gig workers from going into debt
    • For drivers wrongly deactivated, Kover also works with LegalRideshare

    Origins of Kover

    • Originally began with the idea of a risk-sharing platform
    • Not hundreds of millions of dollars
    • Average drivers typically have around $1000 for a rainy day
    • However, this likely wouldn’t cover a month of not being able to work

    How Does Kover Work?

    • Integrates with gig companies – public AI
    • Drivers link their accounts, which allows Kover to validate income and remain HIPAA compliant
    • Better to sign up before you need it!
    • You can sign up after you’ve been deactivated and Kover will send a deactivation letter for you

    Employee vs. IC Debate

    • Speaking on his behalf, there should be another type of employee classification
    • Gig workers do it all – actively seeking clients, manage their own HR
    • Drivers and delivery workers outsource some of this to the apps themselves
    • Regulations have not caught up with technology

    If Drivers Became Employees, How Would it Affect Kover?

    • Working on this question right now!
    • Working with different groups in order to scale Kover up
    • ‘Third way’ of employment would be most beneficial
    • Bottom line: a new category of gig worker must work for the drivers themselves


    • Big thanks to Nick Katz for coming on the podcast and sharing his take on the employee vs contractor debate
    • Make sure to follow RSG on YouTube for breaking news!

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