In this episode, we’re going to be talking to Joel Milne all about car repair and maintenance at your home. I love studying on-demand businesses because there’s a lot of innovation going on. RepairSmith is no different in that aspect!

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    Intro to Joel Milne

    • Joel is a serial tech entrepreneur
    • Previously co-founded 4 start ups
    • Now founder of RepairSmith
    • First company in the automotive space

    What is RepairSmith?

    • Most convenient (and now safe) form of car repair because it comes to you
    • Pandemic hasn’t really had a material effect on the business
    • Launched in August 2019
    • A lot of people like RepairSmith because they appreciate the mobility, trustworthiness, transparency

    RepairSmith vs Traditional Repair Shops

    • Cost – try to beat the average cost structure in each city
    • Don’t have the same rent costs as big shops
    • High quality repair
    • Biggest cost for RepairSmith – labor

    Tips for Vehicle Owners & Drivers

    • Vehicle maintenance is the key to having a long lasting, healthy car
    • RepairSmith works with a lot of fleets – take care of your car now to prevent expensive maintenance down the road
    • Oil, tires, brakes, and filters – stay on top of it!
    • Ever more important as the car gets older, especially if you haven’t been maintaining it

    RepairSmith Employees

    • All employees, no contractors
    • Didn’t feel they could get the quality with the contractor model
    • Legality questions as well!
    • They’re also working in tech, using Slack, etc.

    Competition in the Space

    • Traditional competition, of course – thousands of places to have your car fixed
    • Similar companies to RepairSmith, including the mobility options
    • Tackling a different solution
    • Competition for good mechanics is high

    Future of RepairSmith

    • Small player in a big industry – think they have a better mousetrap for consumers and fleets
    • Looking to grow in those markets but also across the country
    • Favorite stage of the business


    • Thanks to Joel for coming on and talking about RepairSmith!
    • Interesting company in the midst of a pandemic – COVID is accelerating these trends

    Show Notes

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