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    In this episode, I interview the President of DoorDash, Christopher Payne about DoorDashers, DoorDash’s market share and competition and more. What’s a day in the life like for the President of DoorDash? And how is DoorDash helping Dashers earn more? Chris will explain how DoorDash is dealing with the driver shortage, how DoorDash stacks up against some of the most popular delivery apps, and more. You won’t want to miss this wide-ranging interview!

    Intro to Christopher Payne

    • Newly minted President at DoorDash
    • Formerly Chief Operating Officer at DoorDash
    • Prior to joining DoorDash, Christopher led the North American business at eBay
    • Christopher has driven for DoorDash as a Dasher!

    Driver Shortage + DoorDash

    • Handled it very well – able to operate during the pandemic
    • Slightly more female Dashers than male Dashers
    • Two door vehicles were always okay, so that helped!
    • Pair dashing also allowed, which helped retain drivers

    Accept Screen for Dashers

    • Designed to provide drivers the most information to make an informed decision
    • Want to make sure customer demand is being met, too
    • Provides more information to drivers than other delivery apps

    DoorDash Market Share

    • DoorDash focused on higher quality
    • Customers came back more often!
    • This is at the heart of DoorDash
    • In addition to the suburb strategy

    Future of DoorDash

    • Being first in categories – it matters!
    • Even if there are competitors, you have to keep going – sets you apart
    • There are opportunities to scale


    • Thanks to Christopher for coming on the podcast and talking DoorDash!
    • Appreciate that he was up for answering some reader questions
    • Super competitive space, so we will be keeping a close on this going forward!

    Show Notes

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