RSG181: Start Your Own Scooter or Bikeshare Business

There are plenty of options for scooters and bikeshares in major cities, but what about smaller, underserved cities and towns? It can take a lot of money to get a scooter or bikeshare company off the ground, and in today’s episode, I talk to Vince Cifani of Joyride about making it easier to get these companies launched. We’ll also talk about what it takes to start a scooter company, how Joyride helps on the software side, and more.

Interested in starting your own scooter business? Reach out to me at Harry[at] for an introduction or reach out to Joyride and Vince at the links below – let them know The Rideshare Guy sent you for special pricing!

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Intro to Vince Cifani

  • Founder and CEO of Joyride
  • Avid cyclist
  • Joyride helps companies launch, manage and scale their scooter and bike sharing platforms
  • Companies initially interested in Joyride for the software – not hardware!


  • Initially began as a bike sharing platform but has evolved
  • In more than 150 cities
  • Bikes, scooters, and continues to grow
  • Provides white label mobile app, partners in the insurance space as well

Characteristics of Successful Operators

  • Can be profitable within the first year
  • Having good operational teams
  • Hard workers and loyal customer bases
  • Keeping prices fair and having a good brand

Unique Operators in the Space

  • Fleet manager model – Goat
  • Operator in CT – Lynx City – long term rentals
  • Companies that work with amusement parks!

Private Partnerships

  • Work with businesses, hotels for micromobility companies
  • Some focus on the campus space only
  • Different ways to work with companies in niches

Future for Joyride

  • Build out more on-demand tools
  • Get operators into 10,000 cities around the world
  • Goal to make this type of business more turn key and affordable
  • Expanding industry know-how


  • Thank you to Vince for coming on the podcast and sharing with us how to start and operate a successful micromobility company!
  • So many people have reached out to me over the years to start their own fleets, so I wanted to highlight Joyride as an option
  • Let Joyride know you heard about them from The Rideshare Guy – links below in the show notes

Show Notes