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    In this episode, I’m chatting with Olaf Sakkers about the rapid transformation occurring in the mobility industry right now. We talk about the efficiency of the trip marketplace, ultra fast delivery companies and more. 

    Intro to Olaf Sakkers

    • Co-founder and GP at RedBlue Capital, an early stage mobility-focused venture capital firm
    • Served in the Israel Defense Forces and discovered how autonomous vehicles could transform transportation
    • Author of Mobility Disruption Framework
    • Knew that he would go into the tech industry

    Unbundling the Car

    • There’s a system holding up these inefficiencies
    • Socialized system around cars
    • Regressive system
    • Cars take up a lot of space – but why?

    Ultra-Fast Delivery Services

    • Many apps are going beyond traditional services
    • Incorporating payment, local transit, etc.
    • Can even think of Amazon as a mobility service
    • “Super apps”

    Advocating for Micromobility

    • Changing perceptions – offer alternatives
    • Acknowledge that in some cases, cars won’t be replaced
    • Change of habits
    • Educating people

    What’s Next?

    • Electric vehicles in emerging markets
    • New technology
    • Getting a new firm off the ground
    • New investment


    • Big thanks to Olaf for coming on the podcast!

    Show Notes

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