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    In this episode, I’m joined by Pete Evenson from Swoop to talk all about what Swoop has been up to since the last time we chatted (pre-pandemic!). We’ll talk about Moovs, the transportation industry as a whole, and gig worker transitions.

    Intro to Pete Evenson

    • Co-Founder of Swoop
    • SaaS platform Moovs
    • Private transportation business
    • Been around for 4 years now!

    Private Transportation Industry

    • Mom and Pop shops
    • NOT Uber, Lyft, taxis
    • Largest company owns 1% – fragmented
    • Customer-focused

    Gig Economy Opportunities

    • Gig economy gave people the opportunity to be their own boss
    • Now we’re seeing people who want to have their own businesses, customers
    • Creator economy development made this more possible
    • Moovs gives transportation operators this opportunity too

    Gig Operator-Owners: How Moovs Helps

    • Drivers have the opportunity to create their own business opportunities
    • Can promote themselves, build their own business
    • Need for online awareness and online reviews
    • Evolution of payment options

    Challenges Facing Operators

    • Making sure the ‘engine’ continues to run while you’re driving the business
    • Biggest opportunity here
    • Building affiliate relationships


    • Big thanks to Pete for coming on the podcast and chatting with us!

    Show Notes

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