RSG209: Rideshare for Kids

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In this episode, I’m chatting with Rebecca Lock, founder of Kidcaboo. “Rideshare for kids” is an underserved market, and many parents struggle to get their kids around for activities, sports, etc. I’m excited to chat with Rebecca about Kidcaboo, and if you’re interested in investing in Kidcaboo, keep listening!

Intro to Rebecca Lock

  • 15-year career as a reality and documentary TV producer
  • Mom of 2
  • Now in rideshare industry with Kidcaboo!

The Beginning of Kidcaboo

  • Found in January 2019
  • Had a career opportunity – but couldn’t accept because of lack of transportation
  • Realized this was a big problem for many parents
  • Started driving kids around to test out this business idea

Launching Kidcaboo

  • Beta model
  • Licensed in several states – operating in 3 with plans to expand
  • Arizona, North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, DC
  • Key to getting started was great partners, investors

Funding Campaign

  • Could have continued to raise conventionally
  • Realized more people wanted to invest, but couldn’t
  • Going well so far (take a look at the link in the Show Notes below)

Driving Nanny Experience

  • Minimum of $15 per ride
  • Paying more ends up saving in the future
  • Many drivers make $60-70/hour
  • Demand depends on the time of day

Show Notes

Invest in Kidcaboo:

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