RSG223: Renting Cars to Uber and Lyft Drivers

In this episode, I’m excited to share my interview with Shamus Hayes of RideShare Carz. I think RideShare Carz is very innovative in the fleet owner space, and it’s interesting to see a behind-the-scenes look of how it all works. Shamus himself actually gave 4000 rides, too, to understand the driver experience! We’ll talk about the driver experience, types of vehicles that are most popular, and who RideShare Carz is good for.

Intro to Shamus Hayes

  • Head of Strategy, Driver Experience and Education at RideShare Carz
  • Focus is creating a superior customer experience
  • RideShare Carz opened in February 2021 in Texas

RideShare Carz

  • High quality rental service for drivers
  • As many rental options as possible for rideshare drivers
  • Major rental company in the rideshare world

Getting Started as a Driver

  • If you live in Texas, you may have seen ads online
  • Downloading the app is quick and easy
  • Already approved for Uber and Lyft? High chance you’ll get approved by RideShare Carz
  • Come in, pick up the car, in and out in 10 minutes

What Types of Cars are Available?

  • Standard vehicles up to XL options – sedans, 5 passenger SUVs, 7 passenger SUVs
  • Cost depends on vehicle rented
  • Kia Forte is most popular right now!
  • Takes maintenance concerns and issues out of drivers’ hands, keeps them on the road

Future Plans for RideShare Carz

  • If you work in Texas, check out RideShare Carz!
  • Learn more about the company there if you’re interested in having RideShare Carz come to your market
  • Working with DisplayRide for dashcams
  • Other partnerships with Gridwise and looking to continue partnering with companies in the gig space

Show Notes

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