RSG232: The Automato that comes to you

In this episode, I talk to Deloss Pickett of BIB Technologies, a company combining clean energy, real estate placement and mobile platform to create a ‘business in a box.’ Intrigued? So was I! We’ll talk about BIB Technologies, Deloss’ inspiration behind the company, and the growth he’s most excited to see in this industry.

Intro to Deloss Pickett

  • Co-founder and CEO of BIB Technologies
  • Business in a box
  • Worked for Uber, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Tesla
  • Launched the first business in a box dubbed FRO, serving cold-pressed juice soft serve at USC

What is Automato?

  • Product of BIB Technologies
  • Prototype EUV
  • Many different use cases, like sitting out front, smart lockers, retailers, etc.
  • A tool for companies

Business Models

  • Lease to own turnkey Automato with integrated SaaS software
  • License the tech through patent on the SmartBox
  • Smart Box – plug and play Klear locker shelf system
  • Self-generating power wall featuring commercial amenities

Biggest Challenges + the Future

  • Attending Curbivore 2023!
  • Challenges are focusing on automata
  • Unique e-hub and delivery road
  • Many ways for Automato to help customers, retailers, companies – reach out!

Show Notes