RSG 236: Keep on Rolling – Supporting the Workers and Businesses of Tomorrow

In RSG 236 episode, you’ll hear from a panel at Curbivore 2023!

This panel will cover:

  • How gig companies can support the workers and businesses of tomorrow, particularly delivery workers.
  • How can companies keep them happy and productive?
  • How can businesses retain competitive advantage?

All of those questions and more are answered below!

Intro To Panel Guests

  • Hantz Fevry Founder & CEO, Stoovo
  • Piers Mainwaring Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Everee
  • David Pickerell CEO, Para
  • Nav Chadha VP, Spark Driver Platform, Walmart
  • Jackie Davalos Technology Reporter, Bloomberg (Moderator)

Provide More Information

  • Better to give drivers more information than less
  • Drivers, especially veterans, know how to optimize and strategize
  • Multi-apping is expected – at least 50% multi-app!
  • Drivers are independent contractors and companies need to work in that framework

Improving the Driver Experience

  • Building a service for gig workers and drivers
  • Acquisitions might be more important for workers
  • Overall simplifying the experience is key
  • Gig economy is still nascent, so there are opportunities for more partnerships

Consumer Outlook

  • Customers looking for cheaper options
  • Companies are anticipating an economic downturn
  • Need to improve on inefficiencies
  • Companies track what is happening in payment trends, availability

Show Notes